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Season 1 - Episode 8

Slow Flow for the Hips

30 min - Practice


Breathe space into the hips. Alana leads a practice to find release, space, and ease in the hips. We begin in seated postures, move into a standing flow, breathe into Triangle, Side Angle, and Skandasana, open the shoulders and hips in wide-legged forward folds, before softening into seated hip openers. You will feel grounded and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Beautiful practice, Alana! I've enjoyed doing it! Thanks for sharing it with us! Kind regards!
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Aaah lovely…the mood this morning is emotional (new moon in Cancer 🦀) and watery (tropical storm Elsa pouring down here in murky, humid Connecticut ☔️). This practice was the perfect tonic: stretchy, grounding and soft. Many Blessings to you Alana! 🙏🏻❤️
Hi Sandra Židan, So happy that you are enjoying your yoga practice. Thank you for joining me and being here with us! Love, Alana 
Beautifully said, Jenny S. I so appreciate your sharing and the feeling that comes through you. So happy that this flow was the perfect tonic to match the mood. Love and blessings to you! XoA
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Just what I needed!! Thank you
So good to hear, Laura M! Thank you for joining me in this flow. Wishing you a beautiful day! Love, Alana 
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Such a nurturing practice, Alana Mitnick... Your soothing, gentle encouraging voice is so lovely. Much love.
Kate M, thank you for your beautiful comment and presence. So happy to know that you enjoyed this practice. Much love to you! XoA
Wonderful, as usual! :)

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