Discover Arm Balancing Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Building Strength for Bakasana

30 min - Practice


This playful and dynamic conditioning class will help you build the strength in your wrists, shoulders, and core that you’ll need for arm balancing. We start seated isolating and conditioning the wrists and arms, move to the back and use the block to strengthen the core and challenge the balance, and play with throwing and catching the blocks with your feet. You will feel strong and ready for more.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Oh my goodness I can’t get over how strengthening these seemingly innocent movements are!  This is crazy good stuff!
Such nice movements! Thank you!!
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You rock . Ty for the great instruction
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Jenny S So glad you enjoyed it. Sneaky strength : ) 
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Francesca Venturini Glad you enjoyed it! You're welcome. 
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Lauri K You are most welcome! Tomorrow's going to be a blast too! See you there.
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Loved playing with the block, tossing it into the air. What a good challenge.
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Hi Christel B So glad you enjoyed it! It's fun and challenging and I hope it made you smile : )
so much fun!
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