Yoga for Our Nature Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 5

Lizard Hip Flow

30 min - Practice


As the lizard absorbs warmth from its environment, let us use the warmth we generate to shed tension, and feel more soft and moveable in our bodies. Melina guides a practice to discover pathways towards Lizard and ease tension in the body and mind. We move through seated and standing postures warming the hips, variations of Sun Salute to warm and strengthen the legs and open the front body, and find our version of Lizard with the support of blocks, finding space and stability in the hips. You will feel spacious, relaxed, and focused.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Jun 23, 2021
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Melina - the sweet synchronicity of this series is so precious.... as the sun increases in ferocity , I delight in trying to spot tiny lizards darting around - I have a wee visitor to my balcony who nibbles my pot of mint.
 I have been reading recently about eye movement and trauma treatment and remembering one of my first teachers, Peetambar Mishra, used to end class with tracking  the outstretched thumb with the eyes -so it just seemed so RIGHT that the practice started in this way! 
Thank you so much Melina, it is a joy to explore with you!
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So creative and fun! These classes are like pieces of art. I love how you weave the theme into the entire practice. By the end I was really imagining myself as a lizard 🦎❤️ Now on my wish list: an entire season of Melina Meza animal-themed practices 😉🙏🏻
What great reviews and stories! Michelle, thanks for reminding me of the value of eye exercises and for sharing describing your balcony for us. Jenny, as always, I love your dedication to practice and this community. I think my next season should be ALL animals. Noted. A few more to come in this season....I hope you enjoy the what's on the horizon.
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Melina! Kind regards!
Melinda, thanks for this short incredible hip opening lesson.
You are so very welcome!

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Wonderful poses and visualizations to encourage relaxation into the poses. 
Great way to start the day. Thank you so much!
Thanks for watching the show!
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Lots of fun being the lizzard “persona”; I relaxed more comfortably because I was smiling, relieving athletic work stiffness. You even mention road riding in the session. I felt the warmth you suggested as well. Thanks

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