Yoga for Our Nature Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 7

Kind Scorpion Flow

30 min - Practice


May we create ahimsa in our bodies, in our actions, and in the world. Melina leads a floor focused practice to discover safe back bending variations, channeling the fluid movements of a kind scorpion. We move through dynamic sequences to strengthen the back, hips, and core, challenge the balance and shoulder stability in forearm Down Dog, and open the chest and front body in Dhanurasana, shedding tension, gripping, and bitterness. You will feel soft, energized, and joyful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket, Block (2)

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Wow! This had me feeling sensations in new places in my legs and back 👍 My big old round bolster got some love today as well, plucked from its lonely spot in a corner of my room as I realized it would be a nice fit for this practice vs my square bolster. I’m just loving everything about this season 🦂❤️ Thank You!
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What a good workout for the glutes. Thank you for this lovely practice and ahimsa focus.
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Melina!
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Lovely to see your messages here and that you're enjoying Season 5. We've got a few more to go... I hope your body, mind, and spirit all  continue to find joy within your practice.
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Lovely practice, Melina.  Deep gratitude.  
I loved the opening pose with pelvic rocks while sitting on the block. It really felt relaxing on my spine. 
Thank you so much, Melina.  Each adventure in season 5 is such a revelation, both physical and mental.  I really like the idea of a "kind scorpion."  It is a sweetly accurate depiction of the sequence.
Melina, thank you! I am grateful each time we get to practice *together* here! This practice felt amazing, especially across the front hip creases. Your cueing around broadening the back-body was exquisite! Kindly, Kelly
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Kelly! What an honor to see you here and thank you for making my day with your thoughtful reply! I'm glad the cueing was interesting to you and hope to keep evolving that side of my practice for the seasons ahead. Wishing you much health and sweetness.
Melina: such a relaxing and challenging class (the dolphin with the block). Ahimsa. Thank you for reinforcing that word. So important in my life. The scorpion extended metaphors were obviously enjoyable for me. No bitterness in the poses. Great line. Best, David 

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