Yoga for Trauma Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 4

Vitality, I'm Still Here!

20 min - Practice


Like a tree releases dead leaves to the earth for recycling, let the things you don't need drop to the support of the ground beneath you. Kyra leads a nourishing practice to help us release stuck energy and increase vitality. We move through tapping, massaging, bouncing, and Cross Crawls to show appreciation for the body, stimulate circulation, release stagnant energy, and coordinate the hemispheres of the brain. You will feel energized, present, and steady.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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My three words: calm, content, brave. Thank you Kyra ❤️
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Thank you, Kyra and YogaAnytime; these new episodes have arrived at a time in my life where I really need them!
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Jennifer E Thank you for showing up, Jennifer.  I hope you know you are supported and not alone!
Great practice, Kyra! I feel better now! Regards!
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Thank you for this - better interested and hungry came to mind unbidden! 
This was so really usedful for me today -!
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Michelle F - interested and hungry *-* So good!  thanks for sharing, Michelle
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Presence and grounding - loved this practice, which reminded me a lot of Qi Gong?
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My words were energy and centered. I love when my practice gives me both! Thanks Kyra 
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Thank you! I am a therapist and a yoga teacher, too. This was great! :)
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My words were vitality, hope, joy. Grateful you are sharing your wisdom with us again Kyra 💖
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