Discover Arm Balancing Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Stepping into Side Crow

45 min - Practice


Allison leads a playful class exploring different ways to approach Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana). Allison breaks down the key elements of this arm balance, guiding us through various standing sequences to make space in the body, challenge the balance, strengthen the hips and legs, and play with stepping into Side Crow with the support of props. You will feel a strong sense of accomplishment.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

About This Video


What I really liked about this one was that it just felt so good!  Lots of deep opening side stretching and twisting…aaaah.  The supported side crow was fun,  as the non-supported version for me is a ship that sailed a long time ago 😌. I always look forward to your creative classes ❤️🙏🏻

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