20-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 2

Ground and Center

20 min - Practice


Sarah leads a grounding practice to feel rooted to the Earth, targeting the legs, feet, and core. We begin connecting to our breath, engage the core and back, move through lunges, and flow into standing poses, before playing into Tree Pose. You will feel balanced, connected, and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Lovely to see you back on Yoga Anytime, Sarah.  I did this practice to relax after a busy day and added some meditation. I was wobbling all over during tree pose but enjoyed the sense of peace and serenity. Namaste
So happy to be back and practicing with you again, Glenford N! Please stay close and let me know how this season is for you. I hope your writing is going well and that you are enjoying this fall season. Warmly, Sarah
Great to have you back, Sarah. Amazing how much we can manage in only 20 minutes Really enjoyed this 'delicious' sequence. Just what I needed tonight. Regards, Cathy X
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This practice was even better the second time around. There was more of a flow and my balancing poses were stronger as I really felt that grounded connection. Thanks Sarah for you calming guidance. Namaste.
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Hi Catherine A! So happy to be back practicing with you—thank you for sharing your experience of the practice! Warmly, Sarah
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So happy to hear, Glenford N! Thank you for sharing your experience the second time around. Warmest wishes, Sarah
I am so glad that we have new episodes of this show here on YA! Thanks, Sarah, for this beautiful practice! Kind regards!
Thank you so much for practicing with me, Sandra Židan! Happy to be back with new practices. Stay close and let me know how this season is for you. Warmly, Sarah
Sarah Beston Sooooo excited about new 20 minute practices.  Just what I need to start my day.  Especially after a weeked of flag football :0 - Thank you again for you clear direction and calming energy which flows through the screen.
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So nice to hear from you, Cheryl Wray! Flag football?! That sounds like so much fun! Happy to be practicing with you here. Warmly, Sarah
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