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Season 4 - Episode 3

Flow Like Water

20 min - Practice


Call in the element of water in this fluid flow. We begin in a seated meditation, roll through the spine, hips, and wrists to loosen tension, warm the back body, flow fluidly through Sun Salutes and standing poses, and close in hip opening postures. You will feel open, relaxed, and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi Sarah, I loved it when you talked about how much movement there is in stillness. Yoga brings me to a place inside  me where I can pay attention to that still quiet voice of the divine.  Namaste.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and words, Glenford N! I will be listening inward for that voice during practice today. Warmly, Sarah
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Thank you for these wonderful short flows.  So great when your time is not allowing a longer practice. Namaste.
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So happy to be practicing with you again, Christel B! I’m glad to hear these shorter sequences are working for you!
Great practice! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste!
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Namaste, Sandra. Have a beautiful day!
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Lovely practice You are a great guide It's a joy to practice with you Thanks
Namaste Sarah ! Feeling the watering movement is so sweet!
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Loved this little flow, Sarah Beston !! 
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Beautiful  beginning of the day!Thank you!
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