20 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 7

Hamstring and Shoulder Love

20 min - Practice


Sarah leads a practice to find space in the hamstrings and shoulders, where we habitually hold tension. This quickie practice will explore familiar strengthening and opening postures to get into the sticky spots and help you feel amazing for the rest of your day.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I woke up with a case of the Monday's, but then I remembered your new classes come out today!!! This was another yummy class and I love your sequence in this one. It definitely got all my sticky spots after a beautiful day hiking yesterday.  So much gratitude. :)
Beautiful practice, Sarah! I've enjoyed doing it! Namaste! 💖
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I’m so happy to hear that this practice helped kick a case of the Monday’s, Fern S! Yoga after a hike can feel so good! Wishing you a beautiful week. Warmly, Sarah
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Wishing you a beautiful week, Sandra Židan! So happy to be practicing with you—much gratitude!
I really enjoyed this class. My whole body, mind and soul are full of gratitude! Keep vibrating at this level, sending joy to all of us Sarah!
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A great way to start the day by focussing on my two areas of tightness- shoulders and hamstrings. I felt like  a new man! Well, at least more relaxed, vibrant and energised. Namaste, Sarah.
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Thank you Sarah, a beautiful way to start my day way down here in New Zealand. Kia Ora
So grateful to be practicing with you, Francesca Venturini! Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season!
So happy to hear, Glenford N! I hope you are having a lovely holiday season and hope to practice with you again soon!
Thank you for practicing with me here, Trish! So grateful. 
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