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Season 3 - Episode 5

Raise Your Vibration

30 min - Practice


Kara guides a class to raise our vibrational frequency and shift us out of depressive and anxious states of mind. Ego Eradicator brings balance to the Ego so that it can be in service of the higher Self, Bridge Lifts clear blocks in the lower chakra triangle, and Sat Kriya moves prana up the central energy channel. You will feel uplifted and effervescent.
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Hello. Welcome to Kundalini Rising on Yoga Anytime. My name is Carol Looney. Today we are going to be working with a powerful Kundalini yoga set that helps us raise our vibrational frequency. It's really beautiful how yoga and science kind of marry together very well. What you see here as matter is my physical body. It's really just energy vibrating at a particular frequency. And when we implement certain yoga exercises in technology, we can raise the vibrational frequency of our whole being. This can bring us into balanced states of mind, more improved health, and an overall just better experience of well-being. So let's get together and do this practice together and see how you feel afterward. I imagine you'll be feeling wonderfully. Let's take our hands to the heart center, thumbs into the sternum, shoulders down away from the ears. And let's tune in with our sacred invacational mantra, the Adi mantra, Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo. I bow to the divine teacher within. We chant this mantra three times through. Close the eyes, draw those eyes up to third eye center. Let's take a deep inhale to begin. Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo. Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo. Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo.

Take a deep breath into the nose. Suspend the breath, engage the bathroom muscles, root lock, eyes up to third eye center. And exhale, release. All right, let's get started with our warm-up. We're going to take our hands on the knees, rolling in a clockwise direction. Inhaling forward, exhaling back. And as I mentioned regularly in my practices, we tend to practice with the eyes closed. This gives us an ability to not be distracted by the sense of sight and really turn inward to our inner universe. Inhaling as you roll forward, rolling as you round back. Feel free to move through the shoulders and the neck. We're tuning ourselves into our higher nature as we move here. Inhale and exhale, loosening up some of that tension you may feel in the low back and getting ready to raise that vibrational frequency and bring ourselves into a higher experience of our true nature. Let's take four in this direction. And inhale, hold center and reverse the direction. Let's take four, three, two, and one. Inhale, flexing the spine forward and then rounding, tucking the tail. Inhale, exhale, eyes at third eye center. Put some love, put some energy into this, really opening up the center of the heart, opening up that space between the shoulder blades and start to distribute pranic life force energy throughout the whole physical body. Let's go for four, three, two, and one. Inhale, lift high through the crown of the head. Suspend the breath, shoulders down away from the ears and eyes at third eye center. Exhale release. Hands come onto the shoulders, shoulders down away from the ears and open the heart, spread the elbows wide. Inhale, twist left. Exhale, twist right. Feel very grounded in the hips as you ring out the low body organs and draw that energy up into the heart chakra. Inhale, exhale. Maybe turning the corners of the mouth up, put a little smile on your face and enjoy yourself, right? This process of raising our vibrational frequency is a pleasure. Let's take four, three, two, and one. Inhale center and let's charge the energy around the auric field of the body. Inhale and exhale, charging the energy in the palms and reaching through the fingers, feeling that beautiful lateral flexion through the spine. Feel as if you're just wiping the slate clean here, clearing the mirror, seeing yourself more clearly, more authentically. Let's go for four, three, two, and one. Inhale, reach those arms nice and high. Exhale, gently hinge forward, ground the hands and let's come onto our knees and turn into a tabletop position. Hands are under the shoulders, knees are under the hips. I'm going to have a nice neutral spine to start. So belly pulls in. I then inhale, lift, chin and tail. Exhale, round tuck and dome for cat cow. Here we go.

Eyes are closed, drawn to third eye center and we're moving through the whole spinal column. Don't be afraid to use your breath here. Really let it move. Let's go for four, three, two, and inhale, lift, chin and tail. Exhale, round tuck and dome. All right. Now I'm going to turn around and come laying onto my back, extending your legs out in front of you. And before I come laying down on my back, I want to explain to you a little bit about breath of fire. If you've taken any of the classes previous to this one, you're probably familiar with it, but it's worth mentioning again, especially if you're pregnant or on the first three days of your menstruation. Instead, please do longer, deeper breathing. For those of you who that does not apply to, breath of fire involves a rhythmic pumping of the diaphragm and a breath through the nose. So I'm going to inhale through my nose and let my belly expand. Exhale, belly retracts. Okay. You could go at any pace that feels sustainable for you. You don't want it to be rushed or manic. Okay. Now I'm going to come laying down on my back and there may be some of you out there who have tender low backs. And if that is the case, feel free to slide the hands under the hips and extend the legs out. This helps support the low back a little bit more. Otherwise, let's take those hands reaching toward the feet, chin lifts toward the chest and I press my low back to the floor. And then I gently lift my feet up off the ground, engage my inner thighs and my quadriceps and I begin breath of fire. All right, here we go. This can be a very challenging posture. It's really intended to clear any blocks in the naval center. Feel free to support your head with the hand. I encourage you to stay with it. Move through the discomfort. Stay with me. Let's take 10 more seconds. Now inhale, suspend and engage all the muscles. And exhale, release and relax. Place the hands on the belly. Take a nice cleansing breath. Perhaps you can feel your pulse beating at the belly center and that's always a good sign that you've reset and rebalanced your naval point to energy. This is our center of power. This is our center of creativity. Keeping this energy field very clear at the naval point is always in benefit to you and this helps us raise our vibrational frequency. Let's tuck the knees into the chest. Taking the hands under the hinges of the knees, tuck those elbows into the side and let's start rocking up and down the length of the spine. So I'd like you to take a nice C curve in the spine. So I'm going to inhale, rock myself up, exhale, rock myself back and we're just moving along the length of the spine here. I'd like you to close your eyes and visualize just light moving up and down the length of the spine as you roll on the whole length of the spine. This is a wonderful way to distribute energy throughout your whole body and it's very healing for the nervous system. Don't forget that the spine is the main highway of the nervous system. Let's take four more.

Last two, last one and let's rock up and come into the seated cross leg position. Get yourself nice and comfortable and we're going to move into one of the well-known parts of Kundalini Yoga, well-known practices in Kundalini Yoga. We call this ego eradicator and it's not necessarily aptly named because we're not eliminating the ego. We don't want to eliminate it. The ego is something we need to navigate the material world but what we are doing is bringing balance to the ego so it is in service to the higher self versus being in service to our graspings or resistances that we may have as a result of our personality. So we're going to take the arms up 60 degrees and this placement of 60 degrees is very important. It's creating a little bit of pressure in the glands and the underarms, taking my fingers, pulling them in toward my palms and my thumbs direct toward one another. Shoulders are down and away, neck is long, chin is tucked to the chest, bathroom muscles engage and eyes up at third eye center and we're going to do a powerful breath of fire. Those of you pregnant or on the first three days of your menstruation, please instead do longer, deeper breathing. Here we go. Think of yourself as a powerful light increasing in wattage as you continue this powerful breath. Let's take 30 more seconds of this powerful breath of fire. And take a deep inhale, suspend the breath, root lock, third eye and join those thumb tips to touch overhead. Extend the fingers to the sky, keep the breath held, maintain the posture, exhale, inhale, suspend the breath, root lock, third eye, really reach those arms up and exhale. Hands come down through the energy field nice and smooth, ground the fingertips and gently blink the eyes open. Let's come laying down on the back again, extending my feet forward, come laying down on the back, rolling down through all vertebrae, resting the head on the ground and let's walk those heels into the hips, knees are hips distance apart, tail is tucked toward the heels and I'm going to come into an active bridge pose. I'm going to inhale, lift my hips, chin remains toward the chest, exhale, drop the tail to the ground. It's going to be a powerful breath, nice strong movements. Eyes are closed, drawn up to third eye center. Here we go. Engage the hamstrings and the glutes as you lift, press the pelvis to the sky, clearing any energy blocks in the low triangle for second and third chakras. Keep it moving and let that heat start to build. Let's go for four, three, two and one. Now lift and hold the hips high, suspend the breath, root lock third eye focus, strong hold here and exhale, release. Tuck the knees into the chest, take a full inhale and exhale and gently rock yourself up into rock pose please. Coming on to sit on the heels, lifting up through my spine and if it feels good to do so, really let those hips sink onto the heels. This way you get a little bit of pressure put on meridian lines, meridian points at the, or energy channels at the underside of the hips that help with elimination. Okay, we're going to take the arms up over the head, shoulders are down away from the ears, I interlace my last three fingers and extend my index, Jupiter finger to the sky. Women or female identifying individuals, please take your left thumb over your right.

Male or male identifying individuals right over left. We're going to chant a powerful mantra sat, nam. As we chant sat, engage your bathroom muscles, nam releases. Nice powerful rhythmic action. Eyes at third eye center, here we go. Sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, sat, nam, Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Nam sat Num set, num set, num set, num set, numberset, num set, num set, num set, num set, num set, Namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, namsut, Nam, set, nam, set, nam, set, nam. Inhale. Suspend the breath. Engage root lock, third eye focus, and reach those arms up like you're a tower emitting a signal. Exhale, keep the posture.

Inhale. Root lock, third eye, reach, and direct. Exhale. Last time, inhale. Suspend, direct, and release the breath.

Allow the hands to come down through the energy field, nice and slow. And ground the fingertips, and bring the hands on the thighs, and relax. And just observe your state of being. Observe your energy. Observe the balanced mind.

Shift in perspective. Please gently blink the eyes open, and come laying down onto your back. I'd like you to take your feet and thighs, turn them out naturally. Palms face up next to the hips, shoulders are down away from the ears. Jaw softening.

Jaw softens, tongue relaxes in the mouth, ears fall back, and eyes sink back, and have a gentle awareness at the crown of your head. Now, inhale. You You You Gently wiggling your fingers and your toes Draw your knees into your chest wrap your forearms around the shins and rock from side to side And please gently roll onto one side into fetal position Taking a full breath in through the nose Sighing out through the mouth Using your top hand to press yourself up seated cross like position Let's bring the hands to the heart center And please join me in closing mantra May the longtime Sun shine upon you all love surround you in the pure light within you guide your way on And then we close out with three long powerful expressions of the month of Satnam Declaring truth is our identity. Let's take a deep breath in through the nose to begin May the Long time sun shine upon you all love surround you And A pure light within you guide your way on Guide your way on Guide your way on Satnam Satnam Satnam Take a deep inhale through the nose Suspending the breath and bringing folded hands to third eye center Blessing that you'll be guided by intuition and have the wisdom and courage to follow it Exhale bowing forward Satnam namaste Rising up. Thank you so much everyone. Have a beautiful day Satnam


Jennifer E
3 people like this.
So grateful for this practice this morning! Thank you, Kara!!!
Kara L
Jennifer E so grateful for your thoughts! I’m happy to know the Kriya brought you benefit today. Keep me posted on your further experiences 🙏
Lillian M
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This has helped me release my negative thoughts.
Kara L
1 person likes this.
Lillian M oh wonderful! Sometimes those thoughts can be so captivating, right? This work gives us space to see above and around some of these self defeating tendencies. Keep it up and you’ll see how beneficial it is  for that and so much more!!
Michelle F
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Happy healthy hopeful 2022 Kara,
The word "effervescence" in the description made this practice irresistible this morning - it´s wild wet and windy so a bit of upliftment would be handy! It worked of course.....thank you!
have a beautiful day!
Kara L
Hi Michelle F! What a lovely note - effervescence is one of my favorite descriptions of what Kundalini Yoga cultivates - I’m happy to know it resonated and delivered for you! Keep me posted with your progress with future classes 🙏
Christel B
Feeling renewed and recharged after this practice!  Do older people do the breathing at the same rates usually?  After a while it got hard on the lower back to hold up both legs, do you have a modification for this?
Sat Nam
Kara L
1 person likes this.
Christel B hi! Thanks for dropping a line 🙏! Most certainly- modification options include: option to slow the rate of breathing, alternate one leg lifted while the other is grounded (instead of both lifted) then switch leg, also feel free to bend the knees slightly and ground the soles of the feet instead of lifting legs. Let me know if any of these modifications bring benefit & relief! Great to hear from you! 
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So good! 🥰
Kara L
AnaSofia so happy you enjoyed it!!
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