Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 9

Unveiling the True Self

30 min - Practice


This class will help you move beyond false self-perceptions and unveil your true nature. Our set includes powerful mudra, mantra, and meditations to bring the Ego under the service of the higher self, help us self-heal, and regain connection to clarity of awareness. You will feel clear, authentic, and re-born.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Thank you for bringing this season of kundalini yoga into being. It has been pure joy. This particular form of yoga never fails to amaze and heal me…pure magic 💥🙏🏻❤️
Jenny S What a heart warming message .  Thank you so much the pleasure ws truly mine and I hope to bring another season soon!
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Thank you so much Kara. I can't say it any better than Jenny S. So grateful to have you and Kundalini Yoga on Yoga Anytime. 
Diane C my heart overflows! thank you so much for this sweet expression of gratitude - I adore all of you who have been practicing with me, staying in contact and sharing
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Kara this was precious! This morning in the fishmonger´s the chat was of when will we be taking the masks of...literally. It made mereflect on the many ways we feel "unseen"- I got home and thought a little session would help, and had such a big smile at the synchronicity of this practice  when you started talking about the masks we wear!
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel so ready for the rest of the day - joy unmasked even in a mask!
Have a wonderful day
Michelle F aren’t those synchronicities magical? I’m when they come about it reinforces for me that there is truly a higher power at play communicating with us and supporting us. I’m happy to hear my class was involved in your synchronicity today and thanks for sharing 🙏
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Dear Kara,
thank you for this beautiful Kriya!
Can you tell me the exact wording and spelling
of the mantra we chant with lotus mudra?
I couldn't find a detailed description...
Thank you so much! Kind regards, Margit!
Margit A Hello! Thanks for your note - I’m happy you enjoyed the Kriya and the mantra. I believe they display the words to the mantra on the screen during the video, but it’s very likely your eyes were closed. The mantra: Har Ji Har Har Har Har Har Ji. When chanting this we are affirming the infinite divinity of our soul, our true nature. It helps us identify that which is not authentic within ourselves. 
Have a wonderful rest of your week! 
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Kara, thank you very much!
You're right - the mantra appears
I didn't see it, my eyes were closed.
All love to you!
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So sweet ! Thank you again and again 🥰
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