Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 7

Balancing Mental Extremes

30 min - Practice


Kara explains that there are three aspects of the mind: the negative mind is our risk analyst, the positive mind is our benefit analyst, and the neutral mind stabilizes the two. This class uses chant, mantra, and meditation to harmonize these three qualities so we can feel focused and intuitive, and make better decisions in our lives.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This offering really resonated with me. The final meditation was transformative ✨I absolutely felt my mind become completely clear. Kundalini is amazing ✨
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Jenny S In't KY so amazing? I am always humbled by its transformative power! I'm grateful for your share and happy to know this resonated with you.
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Agree! Kundalini is incredibly good! Thanks Kara, love all your practices !
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Thanks AnaSofia - Grateful for your participation and communications - your notes always make me smile :)
Kara L  😊
Love this show, love kundalini, loving this session. Sat Nam
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Aurora del Villar Sat Nam! thank you for your message - I'm so happy yo love the show and the practice.  Keep me posted on your progress and perspective!
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Great class, my friend. Feeling relaxed, balanced, quiet, calm 🕊 thank you 🙏🏼
Elizabeth M cozy messages from my dear friend! Thank you - I’m so happy you’re feeling balanced and relaxed 😎 

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