Prenatal Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Prenatal Flow for Energy

40 min - Practice


Alana leads a prenatal flow for days when you want to move, building energy and circulation throughout the body. We flow slowly through modified Sun Salutes, standing poses, and lunges, honoring your unique rhythm and creating space for your baby. You will feel fluid, energized, and grounded in presence. 
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket, Block (2)

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Jan 27, 2022
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This was great.
Yeah! So glad you enjoyed this practice, Lillian M. Love, Alana 
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Love this! Thanks Alana
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Thank you soooo much!!!

Laura M, this warms my heart! So happy that you enjoyed this practice. It feels like another lifetime ago (as Cedar is now 7.5 months!). Sending love, Alana 
Kylie W love, So delighted that you enjoyed this energizing flow. Thank you for joining me in Yoga! Xo Alana 

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