Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Jnana & Chin Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


For the soul and the divine to unite, they must move toward one another. This is the truth illustrated by the Jnana and Chin Mudra. Laura shares this spiritual mudra, which represents the unified nature of human consciousness. When your fingers are pointed up it is called Jnana Mudra, and when your fingers are pointing down it is called Chin Mudra. Laura helps us prepare our hands for exploration of the subtle, shares the wisdom of the mudras, and demonstrates how we might integrate them into our own practices.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Love this! So glad I watched.
Yay! So glad it is helpful to you! Keep me posted on your progress!
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I have loved mudras for years, although I have not formally studied them, I began doing them automatically years ago during a time of stress. I researched and I learned what it was I was doing! The inerrant wisdom of the body is AMAZING! Thank you for making these so understandable and easy. Blessings
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Love it! I had similar past revelations. Yoga is amazing, and the power of mudra...exceptional! So happy you loved it. I'll be at the crib visiting this year if you are please let me know!
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This will be great to learn, thank you for creating this show!
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Thank you. I love this series :) Could you please help me clarify something? I had previously understood and read elsewhere that chin mudra was palms up and jnana mudra was palms down...which is the opposite to this? Are both ways in practise?
beautiful! thank you!!!
How beautiful!! I can't imagine loving a Mudra more than this one, but I'm going to watch the other videos and learn my little heart out. Thank you!
I confused with this one. Always though chin mudra was palms upwards and Janna mudra palms downwards. I see Merryl above also raised this comment. Can someone clarify please
Wow the first one with the palms up is what Christians at Catholic churches do whenever they say the Lord's Prayer, I never even asked myself what it meant, now I understand, that's amazing.
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