Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Prithivi Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


To know we are stable and secure we must feel so in the very root of our being. Laura introduces the Earth Mudra as a tool for those times we feel insecure, depleted, and in need of a little courage. Rumored to bring healing to the root chakra, spending time with this mudra can aid in relaxation and finding deep sleep.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Wow... I felt drawn to this one and the Ganesha Mudra, and they're both really working for me. I feel a gentle wave of relaxation every time I use it - I'm getting addicted to it, kind of haha :) thank you for this.
Isn't it amazing? Even after years of hasta mudra practice I am still awed by the quiet power they contain. So happy to share something so special to so many! Keep me posted on your experiences!!
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As I try the different mudras, I love the way i know which ones work for me.i am drawn to the Jnana mudra and the Prithivi mudra. I will stick with the Jnana mudra and use the others as needed. Love it! Thank you.
Well done....your presentation was/is believable .....
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This is a wonderful practice. Thank you so much Laura for your teaching. I am amazed at the power of these mudras. Much love 🌟
I love how you explain!!!! loooooooove mudras very much....

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