Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Prithivi Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


To know we are stable and secure we must feel so in the very root of our being. Laura introduces the Earth Mudra as a tool for those times we feel insecure, depleted, and in need of a little courage. Rumored to bring healing to the root chakra, spending time with this mudra can aid in relaxation and finding deep sleep.
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Namaste. We're going to work now with the Earth Mudra, Prithivi Mudra. This mudra is excellent for any time you're feeling insecure, any time you're feeling a little depleted. It's wonderful for the immune system. It's quite simple as well. The thumb and the ring fingertips are going to join. You're conscious to Omega's circle of the two. So again, we don't flatten out the joints in this mudra. Some of them you do, but not this one.

You're going to make a circle. And Prithivi Mudra, it's almost like there's this quiet little place where an egg could sit on the palm. So this area feels very hollow, feels very deep. You rest the hands. Again, this is another mudra. This is a great one to do as you're going into Shavasana. I love this one as I go into Shavasana because it's pulling the Earth energy down.

Now for a moment, look at your hands. I want you to soften all the fingers. Try to keep that little roundedness, but soften all the fingers as much as you can. And then over the next couple of breaths, you're going to slowly unfurl the fingers. Remember, you're not going to make them hard. You're just going to make them feel sort of like a current of water is running through them.

Now because this is one of the Earth mudras, it's very good for the root chakra. It's helping you to ground. It is assisting in your bones. It's one of the mudras that are used for beautiful hair and beautiful teeth and beautiful skin. So it's creating a first chakra, root chakra healing along with the emotional healings of that, which is to help you feel most secure, to help you feel more stabilized, to help you feel courageous. Earth mudra. You can practice this up to 10 times a day if you want to.

You make the choice with that. Go ahead and allow yourself to feel this mudra before you go to sleep tonight. Just hold the mudra and fall asleep in the mudra. The hands will open, of course. Just notice how that helps you to relax and drop more deeply into sleep.

Let the hands open now. As always, if the hands are getting tired during the practice, you're going to go ahead and rest them. The hands will develop a strength for the mudras. So give it time. Have patience, but stay curious. Thank you. Namaste. Peace out.


Diana P
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Wow... I felt drawn to this one and the Ganesha Mudra, and they're both really working for me. I feel a gentle wave of relaxation every time I use it - I'm getting addicted to it, kind of haha :) thank you for this.
Laura Tyree
Isn't it amazing? Even after years of hasta mudra practice I am still awed by the quiet power they contain. So happy to share something so special to so many! Keep me posted on your experiences!!
Katherine E
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As I try the different mudras, I love the way i know which ones work for me.i am drawn to the Jnana mudra and the Prithivi mudra. I will stick with the Jnana mudra and use the others as needed. Love it! Thank you.
Ginjah K
Well done....your presentation was/is believable .....
Debra D
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This is a wonderful practice. Thank you so much Laura for your teaching. I am amazed at the power of these mudras. Much love 🌟
Janet L
I love how you explain!!!! loooooooove mudras very much....

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