Posing Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Mountain Pose

5 min - Tutorial


We look at Mountain Pose (Tadasana), with the help of Winifred, Julie, and Matt.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 12, 2014
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Welcome back. Thanks for being here. Thank you Julie, Winifred, and Matt for being here to help demonstrate. We'll begin with tadasana, tadasana, mountain pose, tadatada, T-A-D-A, mountain. And then this word asana, which shows up in a lot of the posture names, again asana simply means to sit in, to sit within oneself. So the way we'll begin is, let's see, let's do this. Why don't all of you bring your feet just about hip distance, and just for a moment just walk in place a little bit. The reason for this is just to kind of loosen up anything that might have already been in there, and then just land, pause without doing anything. Just land. And what I'd like you all to notice as well as you home, whether you're doing it along or you're just watching, is just notice the energetic of just where you've settled without offering any attunement. Okay? And so then just in the interest of just seeing if we can notice this, maybe both in yourself and all of you, just for a moment now please lift up through your toes. And as you lift up through your toes, usually that will lift the inner arch of your feet. And as you just allow the inner arch to lift, will you let that come up towards your heart? And just can you feel a sense of your heart brightening? Like a quality of generosity. And as you feel this quality of generosity, let your shoulders, yeah pretty Julie, let your shoulders roll back and down. And if you overdid it, because we tend to over open our heart, our natural tendency is to be overly generous, and so sometimes it'll harden in the mid-low back. So just let your heart blossom and let a little ah breath happen so your your sit bones relax. Yeah, pretty. Does that make sense? And then once you have that, can you find the alignment of your skull? Okay, like find the alignment of your skull so that your neck tension is no longer necessary. Yeah, does that make sense? And and usually for most of us the skull kind of wants to pull back a little bit. And so you feel this natural generosity of heart. You feel this lightness of mind. And as you as you inhale again a little bit deliberately, let for an inhale and let for an exhale. As you do that one more time, can you can you feel just the result of just the slightest bit of tune? So just the slightest bit of tune. So you know maybe you can see a difference in our yogi friends. Maybe you feel the difference in yourself. Okay, and this is Tarasana. Thank you.


Elke I
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thank you - its great to understand how to come nicely and fully in to the pose

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