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Season 1 - Episode 9

Anjali Mudra

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The bringing together of hands and heart in mediation is a practice shared by many major religions. A mudra of clarity and balance, Laura shows us how this well known mudra can help us read the energy of our own bodies. We explore the chakras in relationship with the fingers and set our intention to find balance in our being.
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Namaste. Today we're looking at this one, Anjali Mudra. Anjali Mudra is an amazing mudra because it's found in almost every major religion. The palms are placed together. And one of the most profound things about Anjali Mudra is how much it helps center the two sides of the brain, helps to create balance. So it is a mudra of clarity, which is why it's a mudra for meditation because we're seeking clarity. The joining of the hands helps to assist with that clarity. Now one of the things in Ayurvedic medicine about the hands in general is that each finger is represented in the chakras. So I wanted to show you that and then show you a little investigation that we can do with Anjali Mudra. So open your hands and just look at one of your hands, look at your thumb, wiggle your thumb around and then take your other hand and put it right on those solar plexus. So the solar plexus is represented in the hands at the thumb. Now take your hand a little higher to the heart and wiggle your index finger. Index finger is the heart chakra finger. So we have solar plexus and we have the heart. The next finger, the middle finger, is the throat chakra. So wiggle that one around. The middle finger represents the throat chakra. Going on to the ring finger, you probably already remember Pratyvi Mudra, the ring finger is the root chakra. So put one hand down on your hip, wiggle around that ring finger and then finally the pinky finger right on your navel is the sacral chakra finger. So wiggle that finger. See how good it wiggles or how maybe it doesn't wiggle so well. Figure that out. So put your palms together now back to Anjali Mudra and allow your eyes to close and I'll show you a little exercise that's really fun. First I want you to be aware of the warmth of your hands and how one hand is radiating more heat than the other. It's very common. See if you can tell which one is radiating more heat. So to understand which aspect of yourself has more energy at this moment, understand that the right side of the body is the masculine and the left side of the body is the feminine. So if you're feeling more heat coming off the right side or the right hand then there's more masculine energy in you right now. Left hand, more feminine energy and that will switch throughout the day. Close your eyes again. I should feel one more thing. Go ahead and see if you can tell which finger on your more active side, so for me it was my right side right now, which finger is actually making the most contact, the strongest contact, the most obvious contact. And once you've picked that finger out, that's going to be directly correlating to your chakra. So I'll go over those one more time. If you're feeling it more in your thumb, that's the solar plexus. You're feeling it more in your index finger, that's the heart. Your middle finger is the throat, the ring finger is the root, and the pinky is the second chakra. So let's go back. So why would that matter? You're probably asking so. So why would that matter? So feel one more time, put the hands back, feel one more time. What we're hoping to generate is even movement through the chakras. So if you're feeling it more in one finger than the others, then there's more energy in that area. And to create, to generate a more balance, I want you to focus on your hands and bring, literally use your mind to bring less energy through the fingers that are pulsing more energy. Literally use your mind to create a sensation of balance in the hands, both temperature wise, energy wise, pressure wise, and sensitivity wise. Use your intention to create balance in the hands. Until both hands feel equal, both hands feel balanced. Let your eyes open, release the hands at your lap. So some of you may have felt that shift. So our intention of our mind is incredibly powerful when it comes to the mudra, and we can create balance throughout the whole system. And the Anjali mudra is one of the most amazing ones. So I hope you enjoyed. Thank you so much. Namaste. Peace out.


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I enjoyed that lesson, thank you. x
Janet L
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OMG!!!! I did it and I just had the connection with my throat chakra is a very nice feeling!!! thank you....
Kate M
Wow. Like finding "samasthitih" in the hands. This is very cool...

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