Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 11

Surabhi Mudra

10 min - Tutorial


Our hands can become stiff from injuries, aches, aging, or even a stiff attitude. Laura shares Surabhi Mudra, which will help heal any stiffness in the hands, and discover a new supple intelligence in both our hands and our beings.
What You'll Need: Blanket

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I took about four tries before I finally could do it. But I don't get into the mudra as you demonstrate on the video. It looks the same in the end though.
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Thank you for repeating the process of getting into this mudra several times - each time you demonstrated, I got one more piece "right" (there are so many options for making contact between the fingers). Finally I got the last connection in the proper configuration, and suddenly I felt as if I were diving into a deep pool of joy. Amazing! Thank you for this beautiful series, Laura.
This is so wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am so looking forward to practicing with you more.
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With difficulty I finally managed to go into this mudra - I have arthritis in the middle finger of my left hand - and all at once a great shiver passed through me and I felt as if I was about to burst into tears. But also felt great. Thank you for these mudra instructions Laura. They really speak to me.
Debra !
That is so Awesome Debra! Yipppeee!!!
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As an Artist I found the Surabhi Mudra most helpful. I'm always using my fingers and hands in creating my art. This mudra is so beneficial! Thank You Laura  
Last time I FINALLY got those last two fingers to connect... for a few seconds!

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