Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 13

Pran Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


Before we can ask tension to let go, we must give it some space. Laura guides us in gentle breath awareness to help us experience the affects of this powerful mudra. Good for quieting and stilling the mind, we can create a little room in which the traces of our hectic day can relax, and the tension in the neck, shoulders, and head might dissolve.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Namaste, another earth mudra for you, another root chakra mudra for you. It's called pran mudra. Pran mudra has a wonderful effect on the body that it really assists with tension, particularly tension in the upper body, tension headaches, tension in the shoulders and so forth. So it's quite simple, look at your hands, you're going to fold your ring finger and pinky finger in and hold it with your thumb and bring the other fingers together. I call it the Boy Scout mudra, just like that.

You can rest that on your hands. Sometimes if your hands have problems and you've got a little bit of a crook in your fingers and it's harder to stretch then you can turn the palms down and go ahead and use a little bit of pressure to create a stretch, that's also fine. Use that quality of softness, feeling of an egg will eventually develop as that area softens and deepens. Let's do it one more time. Open the hands and wiggle them and then bring them together again.

So the fingers come together, we're doing a little Boy Scout mudra or you could say peace sign with the fingers together, something like that. Something on the lap, allow your eyes to close. So because it's helping to ground the root chakra, it's creating more space for the tension to dissolve. So consciously turn your attention to any of that tension that you may have in the back or in the shoulders. Open the jaw for a moment, wiggle the jaw around a little bit, soften the eyes so they feel like they fall back into the head and pay specific attention to your exhalation.

I'd like for you to allow the exhalation to be a little bit longer than the inhalation. You don't have to force it, just allow the exhalation to be a little longer than your exhalation. Soften your jaw, soften the inner corners of your eyes, relax the back of the shoulders and the back of the neck. Feel the rootedness in the lower body, feel the steadiness, the groundedness, sense of serenity that all come with pranamudra. Make sure that your hold on the hand is not hard, that it's very light, the thumb isn't over pressing.

Softly let your eyes open, let your hands open and bring the palms together. So this mudra will really help you relax at the end of a hectic day, it'll help you relax before you're about to do something that's kind of nerve wracking to you, like speak in front of people or anything of that nature. It's a wonderful mudra for centering and instilling the mind and creating a deep release inside the head of any kind of tension. So enjoy, use it well, thank you so much, namaste.


Victoria B
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What an amazing series! Very exciting the way this will enhance my practice.
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Something new to learn!
Bridgid M
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Pran Mudra did quiet and still my mind and I became so relaxed. Thank You Laura 
Pam S
excellent and easy to follow

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