30 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 9 - Episode 6

Ease Within the Effort

30 min - Practice


Find sweetness and ease within steadiness and strength as we move deep into heart and hip openers. You will feel open, relaxed, and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you very much, Sarah, for this wonderful practice! I loved doing it! Namaste! 💗💖💝🌼🌹
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I love the way you keep us moving in a gentle and sweet way.
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Thank you 🙏🏻💟☮️. Love this strong opening flow!
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I am so happy to hear, Sandra Židan! Thank you for sharing your experience and happy to be practicing with you in this new season. Warmly, Sarah
I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed the practice, Martha K! So happy to be practicing with you during this season. Warm regards, Sarah
Thanks for practicing with me, Sharon O! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this flow!
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Great way to begin my day yesterday. Hope you are staying cool. See you on Zoom or here soon. Best, David 
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Sounds awesome, David G-! Always great to practice with you!
@Sarah Beston I've done many practices with you over the past years - this will be one of my favorites - its a great way to start my day:)
So nice to hear from you, Cheryl Wray! I am happy to hear that this is one of your favorites as well. I hope you are having a relaxing and joyous summer. Warmly, Sarah
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