30 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 8 - Episode 2

Fluid Flow

30 min - Practice


Hit all the marks in this little bit of everything fluid flow. We work the core and arms in a dynamic side Plank flow, explore binds to open the shoulders and chest for Bird of Paradise, and sink into Pigeon staying connected to the present moment. You will feel recharged and heartful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)


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I’m so glad you’re back with the 30 minute flows! I was just working through your sweetheart challenge again when I saw this. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
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Hi Laura M you are crossing the finish line ahead of the pack on the first day! So glad you got to join this new season and let me know how the journey goes!! 
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Well Hello Wade!  Lovely to see you (and your elephant) back here on Yoga Anytime.  This class was packed with your trademark innovative transitions and good cheer.  A nice way to spend an afternoon break on a sultry almost-summer day.  Thank you!  🌞🙏🏻
Loved it! Check on the heart and breath 😊. Glad you’re back 🙏🏼
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Jenny S My elephant and I are so happy we got to celebrate yoga with you! Always great to hear from you Jenny!
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Agnes Gerritsen goedemiddag! Hoe is het met je?! Greetings to you in Amsterdam! So glad you got to join the new season!!
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Oh, I've missed you! This was lovely!! Bird of paradise and pigeon are my faves, and the sequencing was unique and fun, as always. Inspired to teach some similar movements in my group yin-yang class tomorrow. So excited to do more of these with you! All the best, Wade  🤗

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So glad to see you back on YogaAnytime. Nice flow, great cueing and I love the intention set behind the moves (like in Warrior 2). Thank you!
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Hi Shawn welcome to the hip opening fan club! I have been a member ever since it started feeling good! haha It's great to reconnect and so glad you are sharing the Yoga love with your community!! Big hug
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Hi Lina S Its great to see again in the forum! I hope life is treating you well and so glad you are feeling the new flows!
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