Yoga for Vitality Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Chill Flow

30 min - Practice


In this mellow practice, we move at a slower pace through simple postures to open the body, quiet the mind, and restore your energy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2), Block (2)

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lovely. Thank you!
Kerry N-W You are so welcome Kerry!
Thanks, Patti, for this beautiful and calming practice! I loved doing it! Namaste! ❤️🌹🌞
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Uber chill! Would love an hour like this. Slow Hatha is magic! 
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Sandra Židan You are so welcome Sandra.  I am so happy you loved doing it!
David G- It is magic David!  Thanks for doing the practice. 
Great evening practice.  Thanks Patti!
Linda R That's great to know, thanks Linda!!
Thanks Patti this was perfect and just as advertised - chill! I loved all of it but especially the opening on 2 blankets and your verbal cues are fantastic! My nervous system thanks you:)
Hope H  Your nervous system is very welcome! So glad you enjoyed it.
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