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Robert welcomes us to Season 5 of Keepin' it Real. As we age, our yoga practice can help us feel confident, open-minded, and healthy. Blending vinyasa yoga and functional movements, these classes are designed to help maintain strength, mobility, flexibility, and ease so you can keep enjoying your favorite everyday activities. Together we cultivate a feeling of power and trust in the body that is essential to fully engage in all that life has to offer.
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Aug 08, 2022
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It just feels right to move, and as we age, a yoga practice can help us feel confident, open-minded, and healthy. Welcome to season five of Keeping It Real. I'm Robert Sidoti. I love these movements and I believe in them. I do them daily to maintain my strength, mobility, flexibility, and ease. Whether it's making love, playing sports, managing travel, or walking up and down stairs, or connecting with my loved ones, all things life, a feeling of power and trust in my body is essential. Don't miss out. It's not too late. There's no pressure, and a little bit of pressure. Let's get started and enjoy this gift of life we have.


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Thank you for coming back! I’ve been waiting for the new season since I took all of your class.
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As an addict to your classes, I'm more than happy with this new season! Thank you Robert Sidoti for your awesome work. Namaste from Brazil!
I am looking forward to this new season with you, Robert! Kind regards!
An Y I'm back!! So happy to be here and to you and others! Thanks so much An for practicing with me - I'm very grateful!! 
Will Gama Wow, thanks Will - what a great comment, thank you for practicing with me here!! I hope the new season feels good for you! Sending big hugs to you in Brazil!! 
Sandra Židan We are here again practicing Sandra - I'm very grateful you are here :)) 
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I love your video practices.  Really looking forward to doing this series.
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Hey Robert - really excited for this new season - thank you for doing it! I must have done every one of the sessions in the last 4 series at least twice, some many more times than that. Your classes have been transformative for me since lockdown happened, I’ve sailed into my 50’s more centered, strong and flexible than I’ve ever been before. Namaste!
Lea M Hello there Lea!! So happy you are here!! Let me know how the classes feel for you! 
Eric M Wow - what a great comment Eric, and very nice to meet you here and know you're on the other end enjoying these practices, I'm grateful my friend!! Having moved into my early 50's now - I am thankful the yoga practice is part of my life! Thanks for being here! 

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