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Keepin' it Real

Season 5

As we age, our yoga practice can help us feel confident, open-minded, and healthy. Blending vinyasa yoga and functional movements, these classes are designed to help maintain strength, mobility, flexibility, and ease so you can keep enjoying your favorite everyday activities. Together we cultivate a feeling of power and trust in the body that is essential to fully engage in all that life has to offer.


Charlie S
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So happy that you are back with another season, much gratitude to you Robert
Whoop - Roberts back !! Yay!! Can't wait to get started!
Robert Sidoti
Charlie S Let's goooooo Charlie!! 
Robert Sidoti
LOUISE F Let's get started my friend Louise!! Been too long! Can't wait to see you on the mat :)) 
Nikki A
Thank you Robert, I'm really enjoying your classes. Strengthing and relaxing at the same time. 

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