45-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 4


45 min - Practice


Investigate your inner world with kindness in this dynamic and energizing flow. We move through postures that focus on side bending while bringing balance to the entire body, leaving you feeling strong and receptive.
What You'll Need: Mat

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There’s nothing like a big beautiful full body stretch first thing in the morning … this was lovely…and oh! that savasana! Feeling so peaceful 🌅🍂🙏🏻
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Jenny: so right! This is my active recovery day, and I saw a new session, and good times! Then the Nidra element. Please add more of that in Savasana and any Professor Miller insights... Also, the watery flow transferred to the mat with a Lydia practice. So thankful for that. ".    
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Sarah, this practice was so nourishing! I came in with upper back pain and stiffness and within just the first few minutes and all the delicious side stretches, all pain was relieved. I had no idea the side body opening would be so helpful. Always great to practice with you and the sequencing was excellent as usual. Thank you!
Good morning, Jenny S!  Ahhh ... you're inspiring me to go do some side body stretching this beautiful fall morning. Sending love!
Good morning, David G-! Yes! I am filming another season of 20 minute flows in a few weeks and will see if I can sneak in a yoga nidra practice as well. Thanks for the inspiration!
I am so happy to hear that this practice relieved some upper back pain and stiffness, Shawn! I absolutely love side body stretching and also find that it helps with back tension. Thank you for practicing with me here. Warmly, Sarah
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One question: So if you need to kick up to get into headstand, does that indicate that maybe your core isn't strong enough?
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Hi, Christel B! Thanks for asking. Not necessarily, however, I teach it this way because it feels safer to me to focus on the core strength and the weight supported by the upper body as a way to keep the integrity of the posture and keep the neck safe. Headstand is a beautiful shape and definitely has many benefits, but needs to be approached with caution and care to stay safe. I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Warmly, Sarah
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Thanks for sharing and for practicing with me, Diane C!
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