45-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 9

Mindfulness Meditation

10 min - Practice


Sarah leads a mindfulness meditation to cultivate a sense of presence, inviting in ease, calm, and kindness towards what is.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Thank you for this sweet meditation and for this season of 45 minute flows 💜 Time sure flows by quickly!  Until we connect virtually again, I wish you peace, joy and love 💕🪷🎋
Dearest Jenny S! Thank you so much for being with me throughout this entire season. It is always such a pleasure to practice with you and I always appreciate your thoughtful and kind sharing. Wishing you a beautiful fall and healthy holiday season. Lots of love, Sarah
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This is lovely, Sarah : ) Thank you!
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A wonderful meditation, Sarah, many thanks 💕! I have so enjoyed and benefited from this season of 45 minute flows with you and look forward to seeing you again - hopefully some time in 2023. Best regards, Catherine Xxx
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Thank you for sharing this meditation with me, Kate M. I almost jumped right up and into my day, but your note reminded me to take a brief pause before doing so. Warmest November Wishes!
Thank you so much for joining me this season, Catherine A! Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe, and healthy rest of 2022, and hope to practice with you in the New Year. Warmest regards, Sarah
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A delightful mediation Sarah! I'm trying to add meditation back into each day and this was the perfect reintroduction.

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