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Season 5 - Episode 9

Mindfulness Meditation

10 min - Practice


Sarah leads a mindfulness meditation to cultivate a sense of presence, inviting in ease, calm, and kindness towards what is.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome, please join me for this mindfulness meditation to call in presence and calm the body and mind. So we'll begin seated, just taking your time to find any comfortable seat that would allow you to be alert and relaxed at the same time. And as you find your seat, just take a moment to settle in. Let your spine lengthen as you root down through your sitting bones. You can rest your hands comfortably, maybe on your lap or your knees with palms down or maybe palms facing up for receiving energy.

And then if it feels comfortable for you where you are to close your eyes, just take a moment to soften and close the eyes. Otherwise you can find just any point to focus your gaze in front of you. And let's begin by breathing together, allowing a big full breath in through the nose. Maybe open up your mouth and let out a sigh, let go on the exhale. Good, as you breathe in, fill the lungs.

And as you exhale, tune into that release, that letting go quality. One more like that, big full breath in, feel the expansion in your lungs. Exhale to let go and release. Beautiful. And then take your time, just come back to the natural rhythm of your breath, letting go of any effort in the breath.

Just begin by tuning into this quality of noticing what's present for you in this moment. So we'll start with the external, tuning into our senses. Start by noticing the sounds around you and the space that you're in. Maybe the furthest sound that you can hear in this moment without getting attached to any one sound. Noticing the symphony of sounds and gently coming back to your breath.

Notice the temperature of the space that you're in, just enlivening your senses as you notice any smells. And then turn that attention to the internal space. So allowing what is external with what you checked in with your senses to exist, but simply shifting the gaze to the internal. And notice what's here for you right now in this moment. Any thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations that arise, just becoming aware, becoming the witness of all that's occurring.

And without attachment, without judgment, without trying to push anything away or wish that it was different, can you simply allow what's happening in the internal space to be as it is to witness? As you investigate the internal space with this quality of kindness, of nurturing, noticing any sensations that may arise in the body. And as we tune into these thoughts, these feelings, these emotions and something comes up for you that may feel a little difficult or uncomfortable. Can you allow yourself to be with that, knowing that everything shifts and transforms? Perhaps checking in with the question of where does this live in the body?

Where does this emotion live? Where does this thought live? And as the sensations arise, sending the breath to those spaces to invite in a little more ease, a little more calm, just being with that, watching. And as the mind may begin to enter and pull you away from this present moment, no judgment, the nature of our mind is to think. Can you become aware of the thoughts and gently come back to whatever it is that roots you in the present moment?

Is it the breath? Is it the sounds around you? Is it the sensations that arise in the body? What allows you to be here now with open awareness, kindness, accepting the waves of change as things shift and transform? Simply be with the breath.

The nature of mindfulness is not to stay in the present moment, but to return to the present moment. Consciousness is simply being with, being with the here and now experience, whatever it is, observing sensations, the internal space, noticing how you feel. And again, just gently bringing your awareness to your senses, enlivening the senses as you maybe gently begin to open your eyes. And just notice as you open up your eyes, what do you see? Maybe there's a little more vibrancy here.

What do you hear and how do you feel? I'm just taking this practice with you as you move out into your day with a little more awareness, a little more presence. Thank you for sharing this meditation with me, namaste.


Jenny S
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Thank you for this sweet meditation and for this season of 45 minute flows 💜 Time sure flows by quickly!  Until we connect virtually again, I wish you peace, joy and love 💕🪷🎋
Sarah Beston
Dearest Jenny S! Thank you so much for being with me throughout this entire season. It is always such a pleasure to practice with you and I always appreciate your thoughtful and kind sharing. Wishing you a beautiful fall and healthy holiday season. Lots of love, Sarah
Kate M
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This is lovely, Sarah : ) Thank you!
Catherine A
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A wonderful meditation, Sarah, many thanks 💕! I have so enjoyed and benefited from this season of 45 minute flows with you and look forward to seeing you again - hopefully some time in 2023. Best regards, Catherine Xxx
Sarah Beston
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Thank you for sharing this meditation with me, Kate M. I almost jumped right up and into my day, but your note reminded me to take a brief pause before doing so. Warmest November Wishes!
Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for joining me this season, Catherine A! Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe, and healthy rest of 2022, and hope to practice with you in the New Year. Warmest regards, Sarah
Chanda Hinman
A delightful mediation Sarah! I'm trying to add meditation back into each day and this was the perfect reintroduction.

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