Yoga for Mobility Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Befriending Balance

30 min - Practice


Fall in love with balance poses and celebrate the many ways we can find balance in our practice. In this fun, playful class we will wake up our core, move through asymmetrical poses that help stabilize the mind, and drop into standing balance mobilization practices. You will feel alert and invigorated.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block

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Loving this Yoga for Mobility series! Thank you so much for these classes, Melina!!
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I'm so happy to hear you're loving this new series! I hope these classes become your go-to classes when your joints need some hydration!
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Hey friend: I laughed during this. You kept on getting me out of balance (and I had horrible balance and lazy brain last night), but then my mood spiked with the laughter and I was bummed it was only thirty minutes. Great hydration for sure! Hope you take some beautiful pictures this weekend. Best, David 
Laughter pairs well with balance poses right?! Off to the Sierras in 30 get my fill of autumn colors!!!
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Cool practice! Fun variations on balance poses - loved it!
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Melina Meza I will check Facebook. I am interested in the photography class, but too much on my plate right now. I would love a season at YA just about getting out of balance and laughing. 
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Loved this practice too!  The standing balanced flow really appealed to my inner ballet dancer :) 
Beautiful practice! Thank you very much, Melina, for sharing it with us! I love your creativity and your style of teaching in every practice you bring to us! Namaste! 💝🌼🌹💖
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This was the perfect grounding practice after a long and dizzying plane ride. Melina, you're the best as always! xo

I so love knowing you do these practices Lauren!!! Sending much love your way and welcome home.
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