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Yoga for Mobility

Celebrate what your body can do in this show designed to help you feel more mobile, empowered, and energized. These practices will help you improve your posture, prevent injuries, and feel stronger and more confident in how you move.

Season 1

This season we focus on functional movement to improve joint mobility and circulation, increase your range of motion, and ease muscle tension. You will strengthen your core, elongate your body, and build body awareness, so you can move more mindfully.

Season 2

In Season 2, we become curious about what our bodies are capable of, where we need more conditioning and where we need more space. We explore creative ways to use hand and ankle weighs, resistance bands, and other props to invite a sense of vitality to the body and mind. Together we look at how to foster a sense of well-being and how to move our bodies with more ease, leaving you feeling grateful, relaxed, strong, and connected.

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