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Yoga for Mobility

Season 1

This season we focus on functional movement to improve joint mobility and circulation, increase your range of motion, and ease muscle tension. You will strengthen your core, elongate your body, and build body awareness, so you can move more mindfully.

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Robin L
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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for - nice blend of stretching and working on mobility. Looking forward to the next class!
Jean B
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Loved this class - great stretching routine with the right pace for me. Some days that's exactly what I need.
Melina Meza
Thanks for watching, I hope you love this series as it unfolds.
Michelle Hewitt
Wonderful… thanx for this session,  perfect for getting those golf shoulders stretched and loosened ❤️
Zoe T
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Thanks for the new show Melina!  You're my fave and my shoulders need LOTS of love always!!
Ellen B
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Wonderful, as always, Melina.  Thank you.  You are the best.

Kara E
As always, Melina gifts us with her yoga practices and they are amazing!

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