Joint Mobility and Strength Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Shoulder Mobility and Strength

20 min - Practice


This class is designed for long term shoulder health. We will increase range of motion in the shoulders, and then build strength using our body weight in various low positions. Your wrists, abs, chest, and back will also get a workout, and you will feel expanded and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Wow! This is some deceptively har work! 💪 I’m wide awake now for sure 🙌😅
Jenny S tell me about it! I was sweatin! Thanks for watching :) 
Super! My shoulders are thanking you.
i loved it when you called it 'difficult and tedious' - made me burst out laughing! 😂 thanks for this and for the series altogether. look forward to more.
Christel B so glad! Thanks for watching! 
Matthew haha! I am glad you can laugh through this with me! 
This practice was pure medicine for my shoulders and wrists! Thanks, Helya! Namaste! 💖
Sandra Židan Thanks for practicing with me. I love this one. 
So good for my sore shoulder
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I have been dealing with chronic and moderately severe pain in my shoulders. This is my first time trying this video. It was very difficult for me and I plan to keep on using it until I can get some improvement. I think you very much for your expertise.

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