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Joint Mobility and Strength

If you don’t use it, you lose it. This show is a collection of short, focused routines that can be done every day to make it fun, challenging, and rewarding to maintain joint health and improve strength.

Season 1

In Season 1, we target your hips, shoulders, and spine, exploring and expanding your range of motion through isometric techniques designed to strengthen, stabilize, and reduce pain.


Kate Y
These are great!  I like the challenge and the length of the videos  I hope there will be more.
Helya Glen
Kate Y Thank you!! Hoping to bring you more in 2023!
Can I do this program with a hip replacement? 
Helya Glen
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BERNADETTE P a few questions come to mind- like have you been cleared by your doctor? How long has it been?  And do you have pain? I would say the program is safe if you take those things into consideration and always stop if you have any pain. None of it should cause pain, it should be different and difficult, but not painful. I hope this has been helpful! 

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