Posing Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10


5 min - Tutorial


We approach a simple variation of Bridge Pose (Setu Bhandasana), with the help of Julie, Winifred, and Matt.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 07, 2014
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I normally feel a pain in my knees when doing bridge and not much in my hamstrings. Even after watching this and following along, it's better but I wonder if anyone has tips or things I should keep in mind while adjusting into bridge.
Sarah, love. I'm assuming that you have played with the placement of your feet. Some find more ease when ankles are behind knees; more feel better when they are slightly in front. Play with pressing more into the outer edges and heals of your feet. See what happens when you belt your thighs and press into it as you lift. Then try the opposite by placing a block between your knees and squeezing as you lift. If you have already tried all these things, lemme know and we'll keep going. xok
Thank you for this series. I find that I spend so much time during my practice thinking about whether or not I'm doing the posture "right". While instructions are of course wonderful because they can help to make an asana more meaningful, I really appreciate hearing about how my particular asana does not have to look a specific way on any given day. Keeping this instructions in mind will allow me to get out of my head and move more into my body. I can allow the asana to tell me if I'm doing it correctly, rather than the other way around. I seriously am in love with yogaanytime.com and instruction such as this is one of the reasons why. Thank you so much!
Dearest Tiffany, nothing could bring more delight to our hearts. Our teacher Erich likes to say, "Self Trust is the Advanced Practice." So glad you are here. xo kira

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