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Season 1 - Episode 9

Seated Wide Angle Pose

5 min - Tutorial
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We look at Seated Wide Angle Pose (Upavishta Konasana), with the help of Matt, Winifred, and Julie.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 31, 2014
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Welcome back. Thanks for being here Winifred, Matt and Julie for helping to demonstrate how different these postures look depending on what body is doing it and you know just to make sure that I'm being clear that the body is not just a physical thing like the body is reflecting us okay so not only our physical construction which has a lot to do with how we came out of the womb combined with our day job but also our emotional posture how we're feeling that day how something might look specifically though you know I did ask my friends Minnie, Matt and Julie to be here because they do happen to have very different body types and the hope is to show this so now we're going to explore Upavishta Konasana which usually gets translated as the very exotic seated wide angle pose our friend Betsy who teaches kids yoga and Ohai calls it piece of pizza okay will you guys let your legs go wide okay so just before they even move so into the pose just see notice the difference of width between our friends Julie Matt and Winifred and as they find the seated of which you might just notice how Matt has brought his hands behind him to keep his body at Matt will you show what happens if you remove your hands whereas Winifred can sit up quite naturally and nicely simply because her pelvis rotates forward I oh nice job Matt Matt's pelvis if you can see tends to sort of rotate back a little bit he's exaggerating now thank you Winifred will you exaggerate your beautifully forward rotating pelvis right excellent okay so you can see then as they then are asked to bring their hands in front of them and the request of the shape is to move into a forward fold if your pelvis doesn't quite exactly rotate forward your hands might not go as far as another okay so really there isn't much more to explain in this particular clip then please notice notice what Julie's legs are doing notice what Matt's legs have done notice what Winifred's legs have done like can you see even one of the things to really that and and it's nice on these two because they're really close to each other how Matt's feet tend to be really straight up and down from his hip and how Winifred's legs feet are rotating in Winifred is quite internally rotated you guys look awesome okay so last few moments and while the illusion might be that Winifred is getting superior benefit of the posture all of them are feeling it in different ways Matt's feeling it more most likely in his upper back and in his hamstrings so is Julie Winifred's probably feeling it a little bit more inner inner groin or maybe not at all and if you're not feeling a posture then the posture is no longer all that useful and you have to continue your exploration with something else report in let us know how this posture works for you and if you're interested more on why it looks a certain way check out our show inner workings if you're interested on and how you might allow the posture to feel more satisfying work into it step by step find us at step by step namaste yogi friends


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