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Season 1 - Episode 7

Mobility Flow

10 min - Practice


Flow through familiar yoga poses and isometric techniques in this daily full body mobility routine. In just a few minutes you will feel warm, alert, and ready to take on your day.
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Hi, welcome to your daily mobility routine. The more you do this one, the more fun it gets. You're going to start on the edge of your mat. Let's take a deep breath in. Inhale as you lift your arms over your head.

Exhale as you walk your hands into your plank, also known as an inchworm. Stay here for just a minute, come back. Inhale reach up. Exhale walk it out. You're going to do one more of these after this.

Stay for just a tap. Come back, last one. Inhale reach, exhale walk it out and stay in your plank this time. Then you're going to push your hips into down dog, pedaling out your feet. One heel comes to the floor at a time and you're going to lift your left leg on an inhale and step it to the outside of your left hand.

When you're here you can drop this back knee if you'd like or you can stay lifted. Take a deep breath here as you shift your weight forward and back, stretching those hip flexors. On the next inhale you're going to lift your left arm up towards the ceiling and on your exhale you're going to bring your elbow towards the floor. So inhale reach, we're going to repeat, exhale, elbow comes to the floor. Now reach, last time, exhale, elbow comes towards the floor.

You're going to push the ground away, drop your back heel and sit into that back leg kind of like a lunge. Push the ground away, that back knee rotates towards the floor as you reach towards the ceiling. Sit back into that heel one more time, drive the knee towards the floor as you lift your arms up. We're going to do it one more time, sit into that lunge, drop the knee, reach up. Bring your hands back down to the floor, we're going to step together and try the other side.

I'm going to reach my right leg up on an inhale, exhale, step it to the outside of my right hand. On an inhale reach that right arm up, exhale, elbow comes towards the floor. Reach number two, elbow comes towards the floor, last one, reach and bring it back down. Push the ground away, drop the back heel, sit into that lunge, rotate both of your feet towards the front of the room, drop the back knee. Let's do it one more time, sit into that back lunge, push the ground away, drop your knee and reach up.

Last one, sit into your lunge, point the toes forward and drop that knee. Come down to the floor, step your feet together, we're going to go a nice wide stance here and walk your hands back until your weight shifts to your heels. From here you're going to keep one hand on the floor, let's say your left and reach up the right arm. Bring it back down to meet the other, reach on the other side, two, one more. Walk your hands out just underneath your face and shift your weight forward a little bit.

You're going to drive your right leg across your body and place it on the floor. Left knee is going to come to the floor as well and then you're going to rotate your shoulders to face your right leg. Take a second to set up here, you're going to place your fingertips on the floor, you're going to drop your chest to the floor and round your back as you come up. So your right leg is straight, drop your chest to the floor, round your chest as you come up. One more, drop your chest, round your back.

Good, now you're going to bend, then straight knee which was your right and your left knee is also bent. You're going to go into 90-90s, pull the shoulder blades down, bring the left knee up, follow with the right. Bring your right knee up, follow with the left. One more, left knee up, follow with the right. Now that you're here, I'm going to turn around, you're going to straighten out that front left side and do exactly what we did on the right side on the left.

Shoulders are facing that nice long left leg, you're going to drop your chest, round your back. Drop your chest, round your back. One more, drop your chest, exhale as you round your back. Good. Bring your feet out in front of you, hands next to your body, your butt should be in the middle.

You're going to drive your heels into the floor, your hands into the floor and go into a table top plank. Hold it there for three, two, one. Drop your hips down, let's do it again. Push your palms into the floor this time, really lift your chest up for three, two, one. We're going to do one more, push the palms in, push the heels in, lift the body up for three, two, one, nice job.

Now we're going to go into our low squat. You can stand and find your low squat here, make sure your heels stay on the floor. If you go too far and your heels start to lift off the floor, we want to back off, maybe make the squat a little higher so your heels stay on the floor. You're going to stay here, put your elbows in the middle of your knees, hands in prayer, you're going to press out with your right hand, then press out with your left hand and press out with both hands and sit in a low squat, as low as you can go without letting those heels come off the floor. Great job.

Now you're going to interlace your fingertips in front of you, reach up, nice big stretch. You're going to lift to one side as you drop one knee, heel comes up this time, and then repeat on the other side. Really lift from one side, drop the knee, trying to elongate that line from the knee to the fingertips. One more, great job, release, shake it out. We're going to go all the way down to the floor.

We're going to build that core up before you take on your day, or maybe when you're finishing your day. So now that you're on the floor, you're going to push that back into the ground. You're going to tuck that pelvis, and then you're going to lift your knees up in tabletop position. Then you're going to lift your fingertips towards the ceiling, shoulder blades are driving down towards the hips. And from here, you're going to exhale your air as you extend contralaterally, right arm, left leg.

Come back to center, exhale. Come back to center on your inhale, exhale. Come back to center on your inhale. It happens naturally, it doesn't need to be a big thing. Make the exhale the big thing.

Ready? Let's try it again. Exhale, back is flat, naturally inhale as you come back in, exhale, come back to center. Now that you got the hang of it, maybe try playing with the same side. Maybe you go right arm, right leg.

Come back to center. Left arm, left leg. Maybe we do both. I'm going to lift my chest up a little bit and push my belly towards the mat as I exhale. And I come back.

Let's do two of those, both arms, both legs. Last one, hold it, hold it, hold it, on fire. Roll up and that completes your daily mobility. Thanks for joining me.


Jenny S
1 person likes this.
Thanks for this informative (and fun!) season of mobility and strength.  I am now the proud owner of a set of mini bands 🤣 and I'll be using them regularly! 
Kate M
Some sweet ideas here to play with! Love!! : )
Helya Glen
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Kate M My absolute favorite flow. Glad you enjoyed it! 
Helya Glen
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Jenny S Thank you so much for joining me this season! 
Lina S
I've really enjoyed this quick break from work!
Helya Glen
Lina S Thanks for practicing with me!
Orla D
my first practise I loved it
Helya Glen
Orla D Yay thank you!
great warmup - i especially loved the stretch at 3.45 mins in. thanks.
Helya Glen
Matthew thank you! 
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