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Season 2 - Episode 2

Your Heart's Mudra

10 min - Practice


Suppleness in the hands will allow for suppleness in the heart. Laura teaches us the Heart Mudra, also know as Apana Vayu Mudra (Downward Flowing Wind Mudra). She then guides us through a simple low flow vinyasa krama pattern, allowing us to find the mudra while in the asana.
What You'll Need: Mat

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wonderful Laura thank you loving this yoga mudra flow
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Thanks Laura ,so soothing and loving. I will be doing this more. Love the openness with balance. Look forward to next season.
I was indeed going through a very bad day until I decided to go do my yoga, thank you Laura for this teaching, you have made my day a whole lot better. Namaste.
I L V E THIS! ~ Peace Out
These practices are so awesome  and I love the way how you present it! I hope there will be another season of this show, as well as of your Mudra Medicine Show. I'm so ready ready for more Mudras and to tap into your wisdom Laura Tyree 
What does it mean if I can't stretch my pinky finger in this mudra? On both hands is hard to separate my pink from my index, I can barely separate it,  and on my left hand in particular, my pinky shakes when I try to separate it. Why could that be? Laura Tyree 

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