Practical Magic Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Coalescing with the Universe

5 min - Talk


Kelly introduces us to sthira (effort) and sukha (ease), and explores how to apply this to not only our asana practice, but also our everyday lives. Ultimately, when our effort and ease are balanced we can unite with the universe and there is no need to counterpose.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 03, 2015
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That was lovely. Thank you Kelly for your sweet and thoughtful words on Sthira and Sukha.
Sara, Thank you!
So happy to be *here* together.
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Hi Kelly, So lovely to hear your sweet voice again.
Hi Beauty-Heart!! So happy to be here together! Thank you so much for watching and connecting.
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Such beautiful wisdom ... so glad to be in this space with you across the many miles! Looking forward to this journey. Thank you for making yourself available here!
Thank you for watching and sharing your impressions! Much love!
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“Begin by doing less than we think we should”. You put it beautifully Kelly. My experiences mirror this simple wisdom. Let us forever be in this space. Blessings.
Blessings, dear Simon. I think this is the teaching I've been learning my entire life so far. SO happy to know we really are all in this together! All goodness.

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