Practical Magic Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Core of Clarity

35 min - Practice


The deepest mysteries can only be seen by you. Kelly leads us through an exploration of the core to find deeper, more subtle layers of our practice. You will leave feeling spacious and curious.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Such a sweet practice. I so appreciate your reminders to attend to the subtleties of sensation.
Thank you, Angela! I am so HAPPY we can practice here together. So much love to you!
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love, love, love this practice! thank you!
Lauren! LOVE. I am filled with absolute delight to be here right now practicing together. LOVE you! Thank you!
That was delightful!
Thank you so much Katherine! I'm so happy we can practice here together. Much love!
Thanks Beloved Kelly!
Much love to you, Bhakti-sweet!
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Deep space. Truly blissful. Love your guidance Kelly.
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Love this practice - thank you so much....very sweet :)
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