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There is strength to be found in slowing down. Bex aims to help us set aside space and time for the inner conversation through concise meditations and dynamic practices on the mat. She hopes that we might experience the practices as an invitation to go a little further or to peel back and hang out.
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Mar 25, 2015
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(swoosh) Welcome, I'm Bex. I've been teaching yoga for the last 15 years, and I'm a mom of three children. My practices always begin with meditation. I find that meditation is the heart of the practice and it allows me to drop right into the present moment, and to pause everything else. The practice for me is about strength, and finding balance, and allowing you, and me, and anyone who's practicing to come into a space that is authentically themself.

So it's always an invitation to go a little further, or to peel back and hang out in Child's Pose. You'll find that in the practice, it's concise and it leaves you enough time to practice and to crave practicing more. I feel like I've had a crush on yoga for years and it never lets me down. I'm always surprised with what magic happens when I roll my mat out. And the sequences that I've created for these episodes are there to provide you with more space and an ability to be more kind and loving to yourself.

To set time for that relationship, in silence, and that inner conversation that happens. And to know that there is merit in slowing down, in deepening your breath. And that the yoga on the mat will help provide you, with the mat just rolling out into your life, so that you can do the best to be you at whatever it is you do. And so when you're in the market, when you're driving, when you think you've picked the shortest line, and it's really long and you're in a rush, you can practice your yoga off the mat. So my hope is, when you practice, if you choose to practice these sequences, that you just know the way you feel after, and that you share that with all the people around you.

Thank you so much. Namaste.


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