Mandala Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Fluid as Water

55 min - Practice


Building on the equanimity of the element of earth developed in episode 1, we start to allow for the quality of watery ease. Jennifer guides us through a fluid wave-like practice weaving standing and seated postures. She integrates lower belly core strengthening into the practice to create a strong container for the water element. We close our practice with a meditation practice of loving kindness. You will feel simultaneously held and fluid.
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May 11, 2015
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Namaste. This series is dedicated to developing fluidity in the practice. Another term that's often used traditionally is a sense of ease, so if you've got a sense of ease here on our mat then likely we're gonna have a greater sense of ease in our lives. What I'm hoping you've done is you've been through the series on stability, or earth or equanimity number one. In that series we're not really moving through postures, we're taking postures one at a time.

So essentially in this practice we've got stability now. We have a sense of what that is and we're adding ease to the equation. So in our efforts on the mat this morning we're going to hold those two. Okay? That's the intent.

To begin if you've got a block it could be really useful. This block might go under your sit bones. You're gonna take the legs out a little bit. You want the toes back behind you. You could just simply sit on the block for our good friend virasana, hero pose, or you can come down if you don't need a block.

Some people like to roll the calves out. You gotta check to see how that feels for you and your own knees. The sit bones root. Right? Stability, they root.

Just feel the lower body draw down. I like to use all of my toes. It gives me a chance to just come into contact with the pinkie toes especially 'cause they sort of have a life of their own. Fell all the toes down there like little rudders and they help to extend the spine. Essentially we're helping open up the quadriceps now so that later on we've got that beginning of an opening through the front body.

So while we're here we can take our hand to our belly, top chest, and just feel the breath. Like a wave with the breath we're gonna attempt to keep that wave throughout the practice. If we find that we're holding the breath at all then we can come down, rest in what we call pose of wisdom or child's pose. There's a subtle contraction at the throat. Like the waves crashing up on the shore.

Good, hands down. Slowly we rise and lets come on to hands and knees. Fingers are spread wide, look at the wrist creases they're parallel with the top of the mat. Hand's are just behind the shoulders. We're gonna actually come right in to what we'll call angry cat.

Rounding and we're gonna take the shoulder blades and we're gonna draw them around the torso as if they could slide forward toward the sternum. Just let the head and neck release and a couple breaths here. This action is really important for moving from one posture to the next through vinyasa. Let's begin with the tail bone. The tail bone will loop under and up and we'll follow the path of the spine, inhale.

Exhale through the mouth. Rounding start with the tail bone. Good, inhale. Begin with the tail bone. Exhale.

Do it again, inhale. Exhale. Just get used to the spine moving very fluidly. Inhaling. And exhale.

Good slowly now put the front of the feet down. Come to child's pose, forehead to the mat. This feeling, the breath moving to the upper back. At the beginning of every practice we just notice what is going on in the body with sensation, with emotion, with thought. Include it all.

Good, slowly rise back up on the hands and knees. Now we're gonna take the hips way over toward the right heel. Essentially we're making a horse shoe shape here. Inhale, come forward. Exhale all the way back.

Again inhaling. Exhaling. Inhale. Exhale. Good, two more.

Good, slowly rise back up. Pause in hands and knees and come up onto the knees. Let's take the right leg out to the side. You can turn the toes out or forward. Slowly slide the right arm down.

Left arm goes out. Drop the left shin. Good, roll into the left rib cage. Inhale, rise up. Exhale right knee in.

Left leg out to the side. Good. Toes out to the side or forward, your choice. Inhaling. So essentially we're stringing the shapes, each posture, on the breath.

The breath leads the way. Inhale here. Exhaling, slowly release. Good, make your way back to the front of your mat. On to hands and knees.

The toes tuck under, we'll send the hips up and back behind us. Lets have the knees bent so we can lengthen the spine. You've taken a look at your wrist creases, again they're parallel and the upper arm bones are gonna roll out and down so I hope you can see that motion, see how the inside of my elbow creases come forward. Again that sense of wrapping like angry cat and then if you wish you can begin to send the hips back. If the hamstrings are tight please stay so your knees are bent so you can have that space.

Good and then lets get comfortable in the dog. Comfortable in your downward dog. Take a look at your knee caps, have them be forward. The outer edges of the heels draw down. They may not touch, that's fine.

Good, very common for the armpits to drop. Especially for females. Keep the shoulders lifted, the armpits lifted a little bit and buoyant. Let's inhale. Exhale, bend your knees.

Look past your hands and step forward between your hands. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, folding forward. Grasp your elbows and just allow the upper arm bones to lengthen. Knees may very well be bent.

Take a look at the inner arches. Lift them upward. Feel the root and stability of your feet. Let your head and neck hang long. Notice that the lower body is stable, the upper body is soft.

Bend your knees. Let's slowly now inhale, rise all the way up. Send the arms all the way up. Then exhale, swan diving. Fold forward out and down right here.

Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, place your palms down. Step your legs back behind you. Pause in plank pose. Just even out the experience of your tension through your body.

Strong legs. A little bit of that same angry cat action. So that the mid back between the blades moves up, like mushrooms up. Zip up the lower naval area. Watch the breath.

You may begin to feel a little bit tired. Let's all bring our knees down. Chest and chin come down, the elbows draw right beside the rib cage. Put everything down. Front of the feet press.

Inhale, pull the mat. Exhale, slowly lower. Again inhale. Pull the mat. Breath to top chest exhale, slowly lower.

One more inhale. Lengthen. Exhale, lower. Good, come back through child's pose. Come right back to downward facing dog.

Just walking a little bit back and forth to get comfortable. Check the outer upper arm bones. Front of the thighs, draw up toward the bones. Inhale here, exhale bend your knees. Look past your hands and step forward between your hands.

Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, folding forward. Inhale, rising all the way up. Palms touch at the top. Exhale, releasing.

Mountain pose. Steady here. Feeling the feet root. Watching the breath. Just watching the body breath.

Inhale, extend arms up. Exhale, fold forward out and down. This time, with the fingers on the floor, take the right leg back behind you, knee to the floor, top of the foot to the floor. Rise up. You can take the hands to the hips.

Let the lower body sink. The upper body is buoyant. In fact notice that the breath goes high in the top chest. When you're ready extend the arm's all the way up. Good and with the stability of the lower body, that creates the opportunity for a fluid extension through the upper body.

Inhale here. Exhale, lets bring the palms to the floor. Tuck the right toes under, send the left leg back. Inhale. Exhale, either lower down with the elbows in and the belly in, or knees chest chin as we did before.

Inhale cobra or upward dog. Upward dog the knees are off, press into the feet. In either case exhale back over the toes, downward facing dog. In three breaths. Watch again, the body does the breathing.

Inhale here. Exhale bend your knees, look past your hands step, or float forward between your hands. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold. Inhale rising all the way up, palms touch at the top.

Exhale releasing the arms. (speaks in foreign language) Good inhale extend up. Exhale, fold forward, out, and down. This time take the left leg back behind you. Knee to the floor, top of the foot to the floor.

Inhale extend. Couple breaths here, root. Drop the pelvis. Extend. Good, even distribution.

From the bottom of the body to the top of the body. Inhale. Exhale hands lower. Left toes tuck, right leg back. Inhale.

Exhale, either knees chest in, or slowly lower. Inhale, cobra or upward dog. Exhaling back over the toes. Downward facing dog. Three breaths.

Inhaling. Exhale bend your knees, look past your hands, step or float forward. Flat back, inhale. Exhale folding. Inhale, lets rise all the way up.

Palms touch. Exhale. (speaks in foreign language) Notice how the body feels here. How we're steady and present and yet there's all this movement occurring internally. And inhale, extend up.

Exhale, folding forward. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, step or float back lower through. Inhale cobra or upward dog. Exhale back over the toes, downward facing dog.

We take the right leg up and back behind us and we'll stack the hips. Watch the weight through the hands. It's very easy to sort of turn and wanna keep the shoulder girdle steady. Lift your left quadriceps muscles above the knee upward. You might bend the right knee.

Just feel what that's like. Look through the left armpit. Inhale. Exhale, sweep the right foot forward. Land it between the hands.

Pivot your left heel, look back. Some people like a heel arch alignment, some people like a heel heel alignment. It's important to notice what that feels like in your own body. What you prefer. The right thigh is making it's way to parallel.

This left thigh is opening. We extend the arms out. The gaze is steady. Just watch the body breath. Inhale here.

Exhale, left arm slides down. Right arm extends up. When we move through this series we're moving as if, almost like we're under water. So everything is fluid. Fluid transition from one posture to the next.

Inhale, exhale slowly come forward. Place your right elbow on your thigh. Take the left arm over the ear. Line up the posture so you can feel the left back heel has a direct relationship with the finger tips on the left hand. Try not to rely on the shoulders to hold you here.

Keep rolling externally that left thigh. It likes to sort of drop for many of us. Inhale. Exhale, release. Reverse warrior inhale.

Exhale straighten the right leg. Arms parallel with the floor, inhale. Exhale, extend. You're gonna let the hip crease deepen until the right hand naturally comes either to the shin, the ankle, the foot. Left arm goes up.

This is a big wide trikonasana. Now look down at the floor. So this is a big transition here. You might walk the right foot in a little bit. Sometimes if you had a block it's nice to use the block.

The right hand could come to the floor in front. Take your left hand to your hip. So we open the hip before. We're gonna stack the left hip on top of the right. The right knee will wanna turn in.

You're gonna keep the right thigh externally rotated. Send your left arm up. We're just exploring making space in the body here. I wanna be able to feel my left hand to the same extent that I can feel my left foot and my right foot. Inhale here.

Exhale slowly, lower your left hand and square off your hips for a moment. Just look back at your left foot. There it is. Go ahead and play with lifting the left leg to whatever extent it'll go up with the hips square. Just notice what that's like.

Good inhale here. Exhale, lower your left foot way back behind you. Take your right leg back behind you too. Lower through your vinyasa or knees chest chin. Inhale.

Exhaling back over the toes. Three breaths. So we're here, we're just letting the outside of the body soften a little bit. Notice if there's any area in the body that's holding tension. Look at the face and the jaws.

A place where tension gets held a lot. Take the left leg up now and stack your hip. Square shoulders. Navel draws in. Feel the space between the feet.

Bend your left knee perhaps. Inhale here. Exhale. Look forward. Left foot forward.

Right heel pivots and we rise. Rear two gazes directly down the left hand. Right down the middle finger. Roll the right thigh externally. Inhale.

Exhale, extend right arm down, left arm up. It's very easy to want to put the weight here. Keep it light. Inhale, exhale elbow down. Right arm over.

Rib cage drops towards your hips actually here. Then extend and roll the right thigh externally. Good, inhale one breath. Exhale. Straighten the front leg.

Take the arms out to the sides, inhale. Exhale, reach forward out and down. Hand comes down. Looking up or down depending on the neck. Inhale here.

Exhale, bend your knee. Take your left hand to the floor in front of you. Back leg comes off. You can start by placing your right hand on your hips. Stack.

Push out through your right heel. Get light through the upper body. Right arm goes up. You imagine you can feel every bit of the body here. Look for places you can't really feel.

We're essentially flooding the body with awareness. Inhale here. Exhaling, we're gonna turn pivot. Turn that right hip down. Square off for a moment.

Reach out through the right heel. Take a look. Gradually fold forward, send the leg up to whatever extent it'll go. Inhaling. Exhale, land your right foot way back there.

Left leg draws back behind you. Lower through, or knees, chest, chin. Inhale, open. Exhale back over the toes. Send your right leg up and back behind you.

Inhale. Exhale lets bring the right foot forward between the hands, we're gonna turn and pivot. Come up for a moment. Place your hands on your hips. Take a look at your feet.

Be sure that they're parallel with one another. Inhale. Lift the chest up toward the sky. Exhale, fold forward, out, and down. Good, so for the first one we'll keep the hands on the hips and we'll just allow the top of the head to make it's way toward the floor.

Take the weight into your toes. Almost to the point of feeling like summer salt but don't go there. Good now take your hands between your feet and you can see your upper arm bones, lot of times the elbows will want to splay out. Keep the upper arm bones so they're parallel. Inhale, lengthen.

Exhale, folding in. Knee caps lift. Top of the head makes it's way down. Look at the stability of all those angles. That we addressed in the first series.

Those upper arm bones become very useful later on. It may seem like no big deal right now where the arms are but we want that box. Good, now hands come back to the hips. Inhale lengthen. Exhale, release the breath.

Now turn your feet so the toes are out, the heels are in. Bend your knees a lot. Pause here. Check that the outer feet are pressing. Sometimes we like to go to the inside.

So we're just gonna ask the thighs to roll out. Inhale. Exhale, hands down. Now were gonna go light on the finger tips if we can. We're gonna draw the right hip toward the right sit bone.

Little bit of side lunging. This is an important functional movement for the body. Ideally we do this at some point every day. Inhale come through center. Exhaling.

Inhale. Exhale. Good inhaling. Exhale. Some of you might bring your palms together in prayer position.

Inhale. Exhale. Good, inhale come back to center. Exhale, hands to the floor. Then curl the tailbone under just a little bit.

Bring your hands back to your thighs. Check that your toes are still out. Try the best you can to have the knees over the ankles. It's asking a lot. We inhale.

Exhale, right shoulder to mid line. Inhale, rise up. Exhale. We're exploring fluidity here. Exhaling.

Inhale. Exhale. Again. Good, come back to center. Take your hands to the floor in front of you.

Send your right leg back behind you. Downward facing dog. Sometimes when we're moving it doesn't feel fluid at all. It feels jerky. Or weak.

You just allow the breath to be the guide and be patient. Inhale here. Exhale, bend your knees. Look past your hands, step or float forward between your hands. Inhale, lengthen the spine.

Exhale, lets fold. Inhale, rise all the way up. Exhaling. (speaks in foreign language) Let's close the eyes for a moment. Good, stability and ease.

What the practice is all about. See if you can find or evoke both. Good and when you're ready open the eyes again. Let's turn so that the toes are together. We're gonna come into tree pose, vrikshasana, with a interesting variation where there's some movement here.

So exercising the stability and the fluidity simultaneously. So we'll begin by drawing the right knee to the chest. I talk about zipping up tight jeans a lot. It's time to zip up the tight jeans. Inhale here.

Exhale either foot kick stand. If balance is a challenge, kick stand, or inner calf, or inner thigh. Establish a steady gaze. Good, nice to put the hands on the hips just to check what's going on there. Imagine bowl of water.

We're actually holding that bowl of water. Palms in prayer position. Good and if you wish arms extend up. So you got a vertical girdle on from your rib cage to your hips. That is to say the lower ribs draw down toward the hips.

Inhale here. Exhale, right arm might come down to the leg. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, extending. Pushing the right foot into the inner thigh.

Like a crescent moon. Inhaling. Exhaling, palms joined. Lets release the leg. Take a couple breaths here.

We received the posture. Notice what that felt like. Let's try the other side. Drawing the knee in. Lower naval draws in.

Good, maybe foot. Foot or foot. Palms in prayer position. Extending when you're ready. Inhaling, exhale maybe the left arm down.

Inhaling. Lengthen the right side. Exhaling. Inhaling. Left arm comes back up.

Exhaling. Palms in prayer position. Inhaling. Exhaling. Releasing.

Feeling that. Good. So send the arms all the way up. Inhale. Exhale folding forward, out, and down.

Inhale lengthen. Exhale palms down. Step your legs back. Let's come into downward facing dog. Now there's many ways to get to the floor.

Might be best to bend the knees and then bring the legs around. Or if you wish you can inhale. Come up onto the balls of the feet. Exhale. Bend the knees look way past your hands.

You're gonna spring like a cat. Here we go. Lower the legs to the floor. So it might not look like that for awhile. Didn't look like that for a long time for me.

But we work on it. So we'll bring the right leg up and draw the foot in as close to the mid line of the body as you can. Let's roll the right knee out to the side. We'll turn, we're gonna actually turn our gaze toward the left pinkie toe. So just a little bit of a twist here.

Inhale, lengthen. Exhale we'll fold forward, out, and down. If you've got tight hamstrings please bend the knee. Fold forward once the belly's come to the top of the thigh then you can begin to lengthen as you go. Take the arms where it's natural.

Middle way. Not too much extension. No too lax. Find a place comfortably uncomfortable. Inhale lengthen.

Exhale fold. You take your right sit bone and really root it down into the floor. Again that helps to create a length and buoyancy through the upper body. Inhale slowly rise up. We're gonna take the right hand back behind us.

Behind the hip. Point your left toe. You're gonna use your pelvis here. Inhale rising. Opening out, release the neck.

Exhale slowly come back. Fold forward here. Again inhale. Fluid. Exhale.

And again. Good, slowly we rise. Release the right leg forward. Left leg comes up and we open it out. Good, inhale turn to face the right pinkie toe.

Exhale folding forward. Inhaling. Exhaling. Dropping the pelvis like you're laying anchor. Relax the neck and the face.

Good, gradually we rise back up. Take your left hand back behind your hip fingers spread wide apart. Point your toes, use your pelvis. Inhale lift up. Breath into the ribs.

Exhale slowly lower. Fold forward toward the pinkie toe. Inhale rise back up. Let the neck soften. Exhale releasing and folding.

One more, inhale extending. Exhale releasing. Good, inhale rise up. Exhale let's take the left leg out in front of us. Good so from here bend both knees.

We'll just give ourselves a hug by wrapping the arms around the legs. We talked about the tight jeans before. You still got the tight jeans zipped up, 'cause this becomes very important. Let the shoulders release away from the ears. Toes are spread wide.

That's gonna help to distribute that energy equally through the body. Take the hands back behind the thighs. Maybe the legs come half way. Naval draws to spine. Maybe the arms extend.

Maybe the legs go all the way up. Push through the balls of the feet. You're going here where there's still some sense of ease. You're gonna find ease in the breath. Inhale here, exhale bend your knees and give yourself a hug.

Okay so what I suggest is if you got a lot of stuff around your mat you wanna be really attentive to that 'cause we're gonna roll a little bit. You wanna be sure you got a little bit of room around your space, okay? So we will inhale back exhale forward. Inhale back. Exhale.

We're gonna turn and we're going back in time here. We're going counter clock wise. Inhale back. Exhale forward. Inhale.

Exhale. Then arms out and then you don't wanna miss this, naval draws to the spine we slowly lower. Good. Place the head down preparing for bridge pose. Slide the shoulder blades under.

If your fingers can graze your heels do that. I like to take my toes off and spread them so I'm using the four corners of the feet equally. Inhale, lengthen up. Good then slide the blades in once again. Bend your elbows, press the upper arm bones in.

Then draw the thigh bones forward. So it feels as though knee caps are extending. Then take a look at your breath here. Breathing goes top chest. So the chest moves to the chin, not the chin moves to the chest.

Chest moves to the chin. Knee caps forward. Press the feet into the floor. Good several more breaths. Good, such an important posture.

There's a lot of lymph nodes in this area. Essentially the breath moving up in here bringing blood here. Cleaning things out. Cleaning out toxins. Good now come up on to the balls of the feet, inhale.

Exhale, one vertebrae at a time we slowly lower. Good, pause let's feel that. Bring the soles of the feet together, the knees go wide. Arms beside us palms face up. I like to look at it like we've just received the benefits.

We're taking time to receive the benefits of the posture. It's easier this time in the practice to let the body do the breathing. Notice how the breath is at this part. We're gonna take the hands back to the outside of the thighs. Inhale legs come back up.

So we'll either do that same thing we just did. Bridge pose, or if you wish to go on to wheel this is how we're gonna do it. We're gonna take the hands back beside the ears. The elbows if you're new to this, they're gonna wanna splay out. I suggest if you've never done wheel before you wanna watch okay?

Before you try it. So elbows in. I like to press my feet into the floor, lift the hips up. I come on to the top of the head because I gotta look and see. Remember those forearms when we were folding forward with the legs wide?

See how easy it would be to let the elbows just splay? You wanna draw the upper arm bones back and in toward the shoulder girdle. Elbows in. Press the feet into the floor, inhale, and we rise. Remember your shoulder blades just sort of wrap around the upper back.

Push into the feet. Could feel the whole front of the body open. Some of you might walk the feet in a little bit. Inhale here. Exhale come onto the balls of the feet.

Slowly come down. Same idea, let's receive the benefits of the posture. Soles of the feet together, knees wide. Just let the body soften. Take your hands to the outside of the thighs.

Draw the knees in toward the chest. Give yourself a hug. Alright so we're gonna do some slow rolling. We talked before about zipping up the tight jeans. This becomes essential because this action here is, it's helping control how far forward and back we go and at what speed.

So tight jeans zipped. Draw the knees toward the chest a little bit. Toes are wide. We're gonna slowly roll up. Good maybe a little boat.

Then slowly roll back. What we're interested in seeing is when the legs go up and we extend through the balls of the feet can we gradually take the hips up. Wanna have the legs as close to the face as possible. Gradually pull back. Good just see where they'll go.

We're making our way into halasana, plow pose. Front of the thighs draw up toward the bones, push out through the balls of the feet. Maybe the feet land maybe they don't. Good then send the pelvis upward. Again slide the blades in.

Press the upper arm bones, thighs up. We never look to the left or to the right in this posture. Always looking up. Otherwise damage to the neck, not good. Inhale.

Exhale now slowly keep the legs right by the face. We come down. Good naval to spine. We're gonna gradually make our way right back up. Feel what that's like.

Inhale, exhale again. Fluid body. Keep it close. Come right back to plow. Good separate your feet hip width apart.

Lift your pelvis upward. Then maybe you can let the legs drop out on either side of the ears. The shins make their way toward the floor. We're very kind about it. Sometimes the knees can wrap around the ears.

Good so listen carefully. If you're in the position to do this draw the arms as close together as you can. The palms are down. You can adjust once we get down if you need to. We're gonna slowly bring the hips down on top of the arms.

Then send your legs all the way out in front of you. Good this is where you can adjust if you need too. Bringing the arms in closer. Point your toes now let your legs get heavy. Good, very stable and then inhale.

Just allow the chest to lift up. What I often say here is that the space between the heart and the mouth is a sacred space. What comes out of our mouth sometimes is less than sacred so we use this posture, fish posture, to clear out the passage from the mouth to the heart. So gossip, things that we say that are mean to ourselves or to other people. Notice any incidences that arise in your consciousness.

We're looking for recent times. We have to do this practice a lot. See it clean and clear and that the words that come from our mouth reflect our heart. Inhale here. Exhale, we gradually lower back down.

Walk one foot in at a time. Release your arms. Good. Draw the legs in close to the chest. Send the arms wide.

Inhale here. Exhale let the legs just roll off to the left. They're together. You can look to the right. Like you got a mermaid tail.

Just let the right shoulder blade make it's way back down toward the floor. Good, the whole hip if you want you can take your left hand to your right hip, pull the hip down and breath into that space. That space along the side of the torso. Inhale come back up to center. Exhale the legs move all the way over to the right.

Good, looking to the left. Lengthening the left side body. Inhale, legs come back to the center. Exhale, happy baby. Grasp the outside of the feet.

Just let the thighbones get heavy. Draw the thighs toward the floor. I often like to refer to this posture as our natural state. Happy baby. Let the breath go wide in the upper back.

Just watch the breath at this point in the practice often the exhale becomes a little longer than the inhale. Inhale here. Exhale, send your legs out. Moving toward shavasana now. The death of this practice.

Place your feet comfortably open. Arms wide. Shoulder blades down. Close the eyes. Let the skull become heavy.

All the bones drop. When you take your attention inward take it down toward your heart. Notice that there's all the sensation occurring in the body. And there's sound in the body and around the body. There's thoughts that rise and pass.

We can be here now in all of that. All of that that takes place inside and outside. One thing we can count on is the reality of change. Yet we can be steady with it and easy with it. We'll take a few more breath's here.

A few more moments here. To show up in a completely relaxed state. Around whatever it is that arises. Now draw your naval into your spine. Let's bring one leg at a time in.

Give yourself a hug. Wrap your arms around your legs. Just extend the right arm up over the head. Let's roll to the right. Let the head rest for a moment.

Use your left hand to bring you up to a comfortable seat. Comfortable seat that means whatever it means to you. Root the sit bones. Allow the lower body to become heavy so that you can rise up. You'll notice the hands sometimes people like to have the palms up, sometimes down.

Notice what feels right today. So Bruce Lee says be like water. I love that phrase. Be like water. When we encounter obstacles which should be often they are opportunities to practice but we be like water, we work with it, we roll with it.

One way we do that is with kindness. So we know those people in our lives that inspire great love. We can think about those people. Maybe it's our dog. We can feel that great love often fill our heart area, our heart center.

We carry that sense to people that can be more challenging for us or situations that can be more challenging. We carry that great love to ourselves. Offering ourselves kindness. Not taking the thoughts of our mind personally. Then remembering the last person that we saw that we didn't really pay much attention to.

Maybe they were someone at the gas station or the grocery store. We remember that beyond the surface they are just like us. We offer them kindness. Lastly we'll remember the people in our lives who present challenge for us. Those that we might refer to as being difficult.

Go past the surface circumstance and what we've got is somebody that wants love, and happiness, and safety just like we do. So we offer them kindness and gratitude that those people are our teachers. Approach obstacles with kindness, and fluidity, and ease. Let's bring the palms together. In anjali mudra.

We bring the hands to the forehead right thought. May we be steady and present and joyful. We bring the hands to the mouth right speech. May our words improve upon the silence. Our hands come to our heart right action.

May we be the change that we wish to see. Namaste.


Eszter K
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Back to the basics was on a different level with you! You are truly inspiring! You have been my teacher of mindfulness for the last 2 hours. I am deeply grateful for the lesson! Will have to rewind and take notes. Namaste
Anne J
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Thoroughly lovely!
Jennifer Prugh
Thanks both of you for the feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed them. I had a great time making this series and very much look forward to making more. XOXO!
Kathleen S
Ooooo! Thank you Jennifer! It's been so long I've heard your voice directing me through my breathing! So grateful you decided to do this!
Jennifer Prugh
Incredible! I miss you Kathleen and its pretty neat for me to get to experience people I care for experiencing my class from far away. Love to you!
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Nice practice. Thank you.
Frederic M
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Thank you Jennifer, wonderfully fluid practice!
Jennifer Prugh
Thank you Tesa and Frederick. I think that this one is my personal favorite of the videos I shot for this season. I appreciate knowing you enjoyed them very much.
Heike S
I love this Flow, thank you very much
Jennifer Prugh
Thanks for letting me know Heike! I'm so glad you like it. I also think this one of my favorite series on Yoga Anytime.

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