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Season 4 - Episode 4

Meditation: Body Authorization

10 min - Practice


Allow the healing and revealing. Erich guides a meditation with an emphasis on releasing whatever is not necessary to the body's perfect functioning. He guides us in these five steps: find the alignment, settle in and be still, feel the ripple of the breathing, feel the energy, be attentive to the experience, and finally, embody the Truth.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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So we'll meditate for a couple minutes. I'll ding the bell at the start. I'll ding the bell at the end. At that point, I'm not going to be guiding you through it, okay? You know exactly what to do. Let's just sort of practice the same pattern together. Practice going at your pace. At a certain moment, I'm going to close that chapter whether you're finished with it yet or not. So this isn't going to go on forever, okay? But practice going through it at your pace and have fun with it and like be in learning mode about it. And so again, always start with step one. And if you're a teacher, say the title of step one so people know what you're talking about. Step one is get the alignment of your body just right so that you're as comfortable as possible. Watch what you're doing to do that. And especially if you're a teacher, watch yourself more closely than ever. And it is interesting the more closely you watch yourself, the more interesting everything gets. You'll observe the natural sequencing of events, grounded, through whatever's on the ground, wobbling gently as you let yourself grow tall. Just move your awareness leisurely up through your form and wobble gently, wobble gently, wobble gently, growing tall. Be aware of your head placement. Remind yourself about the 10 movements, even just little micro movements just to make yourself aware of what you're doing. You let the crown of your head open. You let from the center of your head open. It's all the same opening. You let everything about you get wide open and you just watch yourself relaxing and sliding into being still. You'll then notice the involuntary movement of your breathing and it ripples through your form. And then watch what happens as you stay with the gentle ripple of your breathing. It helps keep your attention attentive to the new now. Life live.

And right where the ripple is happening, right where you're relaxing, you'll start to feel the energy of what you are. Step one is get the alignment just right so that step two you can settle into it and be still. Step three you'll feel the ripple of the breathing and that begins to shift into step four, feeling the feeling. And step five is just be attentive to the experience. Appreciate how effortless it is to be attentive to the experience. And by giving your attention to the new now in this way, you are effectively letting go of your current level of ignorance and you're embodying what is the truth of this new now. You're putting yourself right in the middle of the experience. Be attentive to who comes into your mind, what thoughts come up. And no matter what goes through your mind, just keep relaxing, keep softening, just for another minute and a half. Whenever necessary, customize your head placement or any placement. And last couple seconds here.

Practice that body authorization. I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary. I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning. I allow the release. I allow the healing, the revealing, and just let yourself feel like a subtle thrill of new life perking up. And as you breathe, last seconds, notice the subtle fragrance in the air. Again, that's not just air you're breathing. And then watch what you do to conclude the meditation. You know you're about to slide into opening number three. Just observe, learn from how you're being guided, how you get yourself going with this.


Kelly Sunrose
So good.
Thank you.
Erich Schiffmann
thank you kelly :))))
Adrianne R
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Love this Erich thank you
Erich Schiffmann
thank you Adrianne :)))
Lydia Zamorano
Halfway through this my baby boy woke up. I finished it with him in my lap and he loved it. Thank you.
Erich Schiffmann
helloooo to you both :)))
thank you for writing :))
Dympna C
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Wonderful! So glad you are on streaming because I am in NY state, and last time I was in LA, I discovered the Venice studio was closed. Where are you teaching now?
Erich Schiffmann
I'm in the middle of a short sabbatical, working hard :)))
Dympna C
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Well, enjoy- and the vid classes are terrific!
Sarah N
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🙌 Gratitude
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