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Erich Schiffmann introduces his Freedom Yoga Immersion. Each day of the training will include the following: discussions and talks on yoga philosophy, meditation lessons and practices, guided asana training to learn specific techniques, and freedom style practices to learn to listen to your own divine guidance. Immerse yourself in the experience, and let us know what you discover. We are in this together.
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Apr 19, 2015
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Oh oh oh! I am so excited and grateful you are sharing this!
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Oooh, this is fantabulicious. Thank you thank you!
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Yes It IS !!! Thank you Erich!
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My teacher Jerry Smith-Guidry has so many good things to say about you. Wish you could come to Lafayette, Louisiana and do a workshop at her studio. In signed up for this website so I could just listen to you in case one day you decide to come one day. I will bake are cook what ever you want. Bathe people around here are really nice.
Am so glad I can do the immersion again. Thank you.
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I've spent the last week doing all 5 days of this immersion and wow! What a transforming experience. You explain things in a new way. I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow. Thanks so so much for sharing your whole self. Since viewing the immersion life has been so much easier, no struggle, no striving, I just tune in and LISTEN. My deep gratitude.
thank you Sonia, big smile :))))))
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My face hurts (in a good way) from smiling so much as I watched this. Pure joy to feel this connection, hear the wisdom, watch your animated adorableness, and be inspired to continue to dive deeper. So much gratitude!
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Thank you Mr Schiffman for this. It's exactly what I have been thinking about and working through.
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I just love what you are talking about Erich. I am looking forward to the freedom yoga and exploring through open learning....
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