Freedom Yoga Immersion Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 2

Your Real DNA is G-O-D

75 min - Talk


Erich introduces us to the manual (see link below to download) that he handed out during his live Freedom Yoga Immersion and expands on the teachings found in the manual. He explains that while there is truth to genetics, our real DNA is Supreme Being. He also introduces us to the writings of Raj, and offers his insights to the interesting and difficult question: What happens when we die.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Hello Erich.
I have the TTM from 2011 (downloaded from Big Mind Online), and I can't seem to find the Raj text...Is it normal? Should I find it in there? If not, is there another source from where I could read his teachings? Book, site...
Macha )
Hi Macha, The Raj text you are referring to is not in the 2011 teacher training manual. I think it is in the more recent version of the manual available on the BIGmind site. I need to verify that, however. That would be available here
The Raj Material is available at
LOVE :)))
Macha :))) If you go to the page (above) where all the immersion chapters are listed you will see a little icon on the bottom left of the page that says Freedom Yoga Manual. The manual is there :)))
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Thank you for these responses
Found the manual, and will go discover the Raj site...
Have a very nice day!
you too :)))))
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Awesome!! So joyous and animated. Thank you Erich! :)))
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I was telling myself this morning : The way you have come to simplify such important and deep things is salutary. Thank you for that!
You're welcome, Macha :)))
Salutations to you,
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thank you so much.
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