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Season 3 - Episode 2

Fall In Love With Life

75 min - Talk


Erich opens up the Freedom Yoga Immersion, Day 3, sharing insightful teachings and mystical stories that inspire us to fall in love with life. He shares gems from his personal encounters with Krishnamacharya, Joel Kramer, and Vanda Scaravelli. We've broken the talk up into chapters to help you navigate and retain the teachings.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Thank you so much for making these teachings available - i am loving them and finding my personal practice and my teaching inspired by them.
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"Thank you for being here. We are doing good work." ... without a doubt, without a doubt!
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"You have to be brave to say what you think"(as a teacher)...I never saw it like that!! This makes so much sense!
Now I know what I have to work more brave
Thank you for saying it!
Amazing teachings...Thank you.
Hi there patdev! So glad you are here. Aren't we so lucky to get to be Erich? We worked with Erich to make the decision to break his talk up into the chapters which he named. We thought it would make it easier for yogis to find their favorite parts and pause and come back as they needed to. We so appreciate your feedback. xokira
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Kira, I so look forward to being in the same room with you one day!!!
I love hearing stories about your experience with your teachers.And how you apply it to your practice. Very helpful.
Thank you.
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Love Erich, with whom I've taken classes (when he is in Yellow Springs and I can get there) for more than 20 years. The real deal, always. And I always feel lighter and more energized after being in his presence. I like the chapters. There was the illusion that I could spend two or ten minutes. Seduced, of course, into watching nearly all.
Dearest Ardhachandra, aren't we all so lucky to get to be with Erich? Happy you are here. xok
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I ve been waiting to hear ANYONE who calls themselves a Yoga Teacher to emphasize (paraphrasing) the “Energetic Processes of the body, beyond the muscles and joints”. Finally, I have. I can’t help but share as I move thru this Immersion. 🧘‍♂️🙌🏻
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