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Alexandra invites us to join her this season in finding creative movement within the framework of yoga. Beginning with foundation and core work, she encourages us to follow her into a fluid, inventive dance to spark creativity in our own practice.
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Jun 15, 2015
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Welcome to the second season of the Vinyasa show. I love creative movement. I feel like it's the innate right to move with our creativity. These six sequences build on each other so they can help you find your own creative spark. We're gonna be moving through connection of the core, through foundation, just feeling ourselves into what is needed so we can blast the framework.

The framework is important so we know what we have to work with but then it's all about what can I move around, who am I in all of this, and what am I meant to be. My teaching is all about this feels a little differently today, lets try this out, let's play with this, and when we've gone through the foundations and the core work, we've gone through opening up and strengthening the sides, that's when it's time to start trusting in the unknown. Opening the heart, lifting our heart towards the sky. We'll be balancing, we'll be playing with twists, so this is what I wish for you. I wish for you to have fun but to also stay present.

Stay here connected to your now. Connected to the earth and from the earth grow. As you are meant to grow. I hope we find each other. If there is anything you wonder, if there is anything you want to come back to me on, please do I'm interested in hearing what you have to say to me.



I am looking forward to this season od Vinyasa Show! Regards!

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