The Sun and Moon Show Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 9

Guided Meditation with Julia

15 min - Practice


Julia guides us in a meditation with the intention of harmonizing with the energy of the sun and awakening our inner radiance. She invites us to find a comfortable seated position or lie down. Allow the light to balance, clear, and inspire you from the inside out.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Thank you Julie!
My pleasure!!! Happy solstice Dana
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Very nice meditation, I was lucky the sun was shining. I will remember this one. Thank you Julia.
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thank you
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Namasté, and could feel the golden light. I really like the touching to visualize the chakra location and to concentrate onto this area.
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That was amazing. It was not Solstice but I had been in the sun all day and was feeling the need to integrate the sun into my body. The sun is not out now and I am sitting on the deck but with my eyes closed I could see the sun through my eyelids. Lovely. Thank you.
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So lovely to bliss out with this meditation! It is mid-March here in Connecticut, stark with snow and the trees are still bare. But OH the beautiful sunrises this time of year! This meditation was the perfect accompaniment as the birds and I watched the first light peak over the hilltop. Namaste Julia 🙏🏻🌅❤️
Namaste dear Jenny!
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Jenny, I grew up in Connecticut and know exactly what you mean about this time of year (and the lovely sunrises). So happy to hear about your meditation and the connection to that lovely morning feeling, thanks for sharing!

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