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Season 1 - Episode 2

The Sound of AUM

10 min - Practice


To meditate on the sound of AUM brings great illumination and awakening in the heart center. Julia draws our awareness to the primordial sound of AUM, breaking it down into four parts to help us experience the vibrations in the body. This practice results in a quiet and spacious mind.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi Julia, I enjoyed breaking it down into four parts. You can really feel the vibration in different parts of the body.
Thank you,
so glad it resonates!
love x
when the student is ready the teacher appears. thank you Julia, Namaste.
Hi Julia, I enjoy chanting AUM, its a wonderful sensation of vibration and it makes me feel happy and relaxed and connected. I would love to have a longer session of just chanting AUM on here, :) just a suggestion, :) what is the practice of chanting? does it have aparticular ritual or length or do I just chant to my hearts content? :) how do you use it?
thank you,
much love and gratitude
Maria Elena.
Dear Maria Elena Oh, so beautiful to hear your connection with the vibration and the sound. Yes, just go on chanting to your hearts content!!! That's exactly it. There are many different chants and methods but ultimately it is to bring us to that one place of a full and content heart so if you have that feeling then just continue. And ultimately all chants arise from the sound of Aum so this is the complete sound, the ultimate practice.
I would LOVE to give you a full extended AUM session... Perhaps you can suggest it via the Feedback option on the contact page and see if the powers that be will put that into motion!
In the meantime... Just keep chanting. I love hearing how your practice unfolds and reverberates through your being and your life. Stay in touch!
Much love, Julia

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