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Season 1 - Episode 2

The Sound of AUM

10 min - Practice


To meditate on the sound of AUM brings great illumination and awakening in the heart center. Julia draws our awareness to the primordial sound of AUM, breaking it down into four parts to help us experience the vibrations in the body. This practice results in a quiet and spacious mind.
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Namaste, welcome dear yogi friend. Today we're going to explore the sound of om. So just begin by finding a comfortable seat, somehow that you can be sitting with your spine upright and your body relaxed. We'll begin by taking a couple of deep breaths just to soften the body. So inhale, exhale out through the mouth and let the belly relax, inhale and exhale out through the mouth, beautiful.

So the sound of om is said to be the primordial sound. It contains all sounds, all words, all languages, all mantras. It is said that to meditate or contemplate this sound brings great illumination and awakening in the heart center. The sound of om can be broken down into four parts. There's an r, an o, an m and then a silence that follows.

Each of these sounds, these parts relates to a different level of consciousness. So the r relates to the waking state, that level of consciousness when we're going about our daily lives. The o relates to that state we're in when we go into a dreaming state, when we're asleep and we're dreaming. The m resonates with the deep sleep state of consciousness. So when we go into deep sleep and we start to lose this sense of I, me and my life and my world, and we go into a deeper sense of rest, that's the state of m, and then the silence that follows at the end of the om relates to something that is known as turiya.

And turiya is that place where we lose all connection with the self, with the small self, with the ego, with the I, all desires, all opposites, pain, pleasure, all that is known, melts away and dissolves into an ocean of bliss. So in a way om can be seen as a chariot, a sound that takes you from the waking state into this ocean of bliss. So today we're just going to play with feeling the resonance in the body and allowing that to affect us, to raise our vibration, to work us from the inside out. So the different states, the different sounds can be felt in different areas of the body. So the r, we're going to resonate in the belly.

The o, we're going to resonate in the chest. The m is going to resonate around the third eye, the crown, chakra, the head. And then the silence hovers just somewhere just above the head. So to begin with we'll break it down sound by sound and then we'll put it all together as one long om. So bring your hands to your belly, take a deep breath in and exhale everything.

And next we're going to take a deep breath in and on the exhale letting out the sound of ah. So inhale, ah. Let's do that one more time, just closing your eyes, allowing yourself to drop into the feeling tone in the body, the vibration. Inhale, ah. Beautiful.

And just gently bringing your fingertips up onto your chest. This time we're going to find an o in the chest. So let's take another clearing breath, inhale. We're going to exhale everything, like an inhale for o. O.

Again, just closing the eyes, we'll make the sound of o together, inhale. O. Beautiful, deep breath in and exhale. Just bringing the fingers, the hands to the head, just placing it around the crown of the head. And the mmm, it's almost like the buzzing of a swarm of bees, so we're just going to allow that to resonate throughout the head, the crown chakra, the third eye area, clearing out this intuitive center.

So breathing in for a clearing breath and exhale. Again closing the eyes, inhale, mmm, one more time, just feeling that buzzing, that resonance in the head, inhale, mmm, just releasing the hands to your lap, maybe just feeling that sense of silence dropping into your body. Deep inhale and exhale everything, beautiful. So now we're going to put that all together, so we're going to share three om's together. So the om becomes a om, and then a silence, and then we just allow ourselves to sit in the silence and just feel the results in the body.

So let's inhale, exhale clearing breath, and inhale for om, om, mmm, mmm, mmm. Using the vibration in your cells, in your being, feeling the quality in the body as the mind starts to settle down. Let's do that again, deep inhale, om, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Deep breath in, and exhale, and then one last time, let's bring the hands together in Anjali Mudra in the center of the heart. Beautiful, taking a breath in, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Deep breath in and exhale. So I invite you maybe just to spend a couple of minutes just sitting and feeling the vibration settling in the body. From my heart to your heart. So much love. Namaste.

Thank you.


Katherine E
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Hi Julia, I enjoyed breaking it down into four parts. You can really feel the vibration in different parts of the body.
Thank you,
Julia Berkeley
so glad it resonates!
love x
Maria Elena D
when the student is ready the teacher appears. thank you Julia, Namaste.
Maria Elena D
Hi Julia, I enjoy chanting AUM, its a wonderful sensation of vibration and it makes me feel happy and relaxed and connected. I would love to have a longer session of just chanting AUM on here, :) just a suggestion, :) what is the practice of chanting? does it have aparticular ritual or length or do I just chant to my hearts content? :) how do you use it?
thank you,
much love and gratitude
Maria Elena.
Julia Berkeley
Dear Maria Elena Oh, so beautiful to hear your connection with the vibration and the sound. Yes, just go on chanting to your hearts content!!! That's exactly it. There are many different chants and methods but ultimately it is to bring us to that one place of a full and content heart so if you have that feeling then just continue. And ultimately all chants arise from the sound of Aum so this is the complete sound, the ultimate practice.
I would LOVE to give you a full extended AUM session... Perhaps you can suggest it via the Feedback option on the contact page and see if the powers that be will put that into motion!
In the meantime... Just keep chanting. I love hearing how your practice unfolds and reverberates through your being and your life. Stay in touch!
Much love, Julia

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