Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Maha Mudra

45 min - Practice


Awaken your relationship with the subtle realm. Patricia guides us through a series of gentle and deliberate movements, preparing us for Maha Mudra, the great seal. She draws our attention toward the subtle realm, where we explore our miraculous breath, resulting in a quiet, calm, and spacious mind.
What You'll Need: Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Jennifer P
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Fantastic! Thank you so much for this practice, Patricia.
Patricia Sullivan
Hi Jennifer,
So glad to hear you enjoyed this lovely practice!
Sheida M
I am in calm state of meditation soon after coming up from mudra. It is amazing . thank you so much !
Patricia Sullivan
Sheida, that is exactly what this practice is designed for and then when there's time, to just stay awhile in the meditation. So happy you found this sweet spot. Thank you for practicing with me.
Eric K
Beautiful. Settling.
Patricia Sullivan
Thank you Eric, settling was what we had in mind when making this film. So glad you took the time to go with it. Namaste
Susie C
Beautiful Patricia-- just what I needed
Patricia Sullivan
So happy you found this practice to be the cat's meow. And thanks for saying so.
Kim A
Lovely practice. Very inspiring. As a fellow teacher, only a few years in, I particularly appreciate your relaxed style and calm manner of teaching. certainly a testament to teaching for 43 years! Namaste.
Zette A
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mahalo nui loa….always a delight to practice with you...xo zette
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