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Season 4 - Episode 3

Meet Your Pelvis

5 min - Talk


Devon introduces us to the anatomy of our pelvis so that we can start to become familiar with some common pelvic terms used in yoga classes.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 10, 2015
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I brought this pelvis so that I could show you what your pelvis looks like. Your pelvis is completely covered and surrounded and surrounding and enmeshed with all of the fibers of everything that you are. When they make anatomical models, they cut everything away and that's less true, but it makes it easier to see. This sits like this inside your body, inside my body, but I'm inside it. This is where my thigh bone would sit if this were my pelvis right here.

This is the sitting bone right here. This is the ASIS right here. This is the pubic bone and the pubic symphysis. These are joints. In your body, there's no pin.

They move here. This is your sacrum and this is your tailbone. You can touch it. Go ahead. No one's there.

I'm touching mine right here. These are called your iliac arches. Your iliac arches meet your sacrum at your SI joint. Probably you've had someone say to you, oh, yeah, it's your SI. Now you know what that means here.

These are joints too. These move. They don't move a lot unless you're pregnant and then they move maybe more than you want them to. This is also a joint here. Your tailbone on your sacrum is a joint and it moves forward and backward and sometimes a little bit side to side.

What I really want to share about your pelvis, my pelvis and everyone's pelvis, is that there's a continuous bowl of connective tissue inside the bones. It goes around inside the iliac crest. It goes over the top of the sacrum. It goes around inside this iliac crest. It goes all around here inside your abdominal muscles and it contains your organs.

It contains your bladder and your intestines. It contains your uterus if you have one. Below that, there's another stretch of continuous connective tissue right in here. It's connected to your ligaments that traverse here and here. It's connected to your tailbone.

Your tailbone's part of it. It's connected all the way up to your pubic bone. That's your pelvic cylinder. These are terms that I'm going to use in other videos, in movement videos. I want you to have seen this so that you know what I mean if you're not sure what I mean.

This is your pelvic cylinder here and the bottom of your pelvic cylinder is continuous with your pelvic floor. This is your pelvic bowl here and the bottom edge of your pelvic bowl is continuous with the top edge of your pelvic cylinder. The pelvic cylinder contains your colon so you can feel it, squeeze, squeeze. That's continuous with the back of the tissue and your urethra, squeeze, squeeze, is continuous with the front and in between you have a prostate or a vagina.


Silke S
WOW a lot of things are going on in our pelvis bowl. Thank you for this video.

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