The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 1: Lets Begin
Peter Sterios

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Hi Sonia, I appreciate the feedback and happy to hear the challenge was a positive experience for you.
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Thank you for this mindful and thorough practice. I really enjoyed it.
Hi Jill You're welcome... its a practice you can return to and catch something different each time. Thanks for the feedback.
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Interesting way to focus the movement. It's good for me to explore this - different cues, new ways of moving...
Hi Kate Thanks for the comment. Cues are directed at the subtle body, in a way like martial arts (tai chi/chi gung). Enjoy, and feel free to contact me here if you have questions.
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WoW I started so squirrelly and achey. I ended class with balance and comfort. I will definitely be looking forward to the next class. Thank You!
Hi Terri, thanks for the feedback, and happy to hear the first session had that effect on your squirrely-ness and achey-ness! Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions...
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This practice is fannytastick! The pain in my right hip/fanny softened so gently. Love it!
Hi Hester thank you for the comment. Soft is the new strong, right? :)
Wow, Peter Sterios , I just did the Day 1 and I feel so much difference in my whole back and shoulders. I am tempted to do Day2 straight on...
Looking forward to the upcoming days and how my back will respond to the asanas. Namasté.
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