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Season 4 - Episode 9

Jai Ma: Honoring the Mother

30 min - Practice


We invoke the feeling of gratitude in our hearts as we move through a flow practice of standing postures, twists, and heart-opening postures. You will feel grateful and alive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Hi Julia--I would love to know the name of the instrument you're playing! I've never seen something like that before.
Hi Sophie It's a harmonium. If you have any familiarity with a keyboard it's super simple to pick up and even it you don't it's pretty easy! It's from India. But they're available in the US.
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Love this version of Jai Ma! You sing it with such heartfelt beauty. Will you share the chords? Or where I can find them? Thank you!
Hi Jaclyn , so sorry for the slow reply. So I learnt this version of Jai Ma from Govindas who sings with Radha... and owns Bhakti Yoga Shala in LA. The chords are C minor (Cm) to Gm to Cm and then on the second part Cm to B flat major to Cm. Is that enough info for you? Let me know how you go with it and if I can help you get it more easily. Enjoy!
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Thank you so much!! Your version of this chant is incredible. I appreciate your response so much and your classes of course!
Great way to start a Saturday morning! Thanks
[Kit & Dee Dee] thanks for tuning in! Wishing you a fantabulous weekend 😍
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What a beautiful, heartfelt practice!!! Jai Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Julia Berkeley !!
Oh so sweet to meet you here Emily Perry !!! Jai Ma 💖
Lovely practice! Thank you!
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